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Custom Consulting Solutions from ubiLink

Two Heads are Better than One

Experience is the greatest of all teachers

When you and your enterprise are faced with new challenges unfamiliar to you, chances are that someone somewhere has encountered and solved something similar.  It's likely that the learnings from these other experiences could help you.  Link the value of experience to a partner with whom  to think things through and you've realized the benefit of engaging the expertise of a consultant. 

With the established firm, ubiLink can engage in either a 'strategizing' or a 'doing' role on a specific short to medium term assignment.  Functional areas of strategizing expertise include general management, marketing strategy, and development strategy.  Experience with marketing tasks of all kinds serves as a foundation for 'doing' activities that might augment existing staff.  Rates are competitive.  Practices follow industry norms.

ubiLink consultants have experience with a number of solutions and is well versed as a thinking partner on these and more topics.  And, should our skills require augmenting, ubiLink is well networked with other consultants regionally and nationally through an association known as the High-Tech-Network. 

Click on the subject below to gain more appreciation of the topics where an ubiLink thinking partnership could be beneficial.

++ Building new product ideas into new businesses

++ Accelerating time to market when using global development partners

++ Cross ocean software development projects

++ Business Planning in emerging high technology computers, communications, and electronics

++ Making Mergers & Acquisitions work

++ Aggressive Marketing

ubiLink follows a proven methodology to deliver the results you are expecting.