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Solution:  Aggressive Marketing

Many a good idea fails to win in the marketplace because it is coupled with inadequate marketing.  Inadequate marketing could be:
   - Competition is out-marketing you
-  Creativity [pricing, distribution, packaging] in marketing is behind creativity in other departments.  You are doing the same old things with product after product
The claims you are making for your product are not bold enough [or are too bold].  Your message is stale
Your research to understand customers’ buying style and feature-set interest is not effective as needed
You are failing to reach enough of your potential audience with your message
Aggressive marketing is a catch-all phrase often used to capture these marketing disappointments that are impeding your fine products from realizing their full potential. 

Engage ubiLink in a review/assessment of your marketing plans.  The initial step is for ubiLink to spend a day with knowledgeable members of your team to learn about your business, your products, your competition, your channels….  The next step is to jointly develop – in workshop fashion -- a checklist of marketing activity.  During this workshop, ubiLink will question why activities are undertaken and why other activities are not undertaken.  This probing of why/why not will begin to give you some appreciation for where your marketing stands against high tech business industry benchmarks. We then jointly determine

-          alternatives for changes

-          priorities for various alternatives

-          workforce reallocation and/or skills development to achieve identified priorities

-          milestones and measures


ubiLink has direct experience in a variety of computer hardware and software marketing efforts – both in hands on and in consultative roles.  We have experience building the market for “engineer to engineer design collaboration” far more aggressively than products could fulfill the demand.  That’s aggressive marketing.


In your marketing team there are a number of individuals that could easily lead an effort such as this.  Typically they are all busy on some other activity very critical to the central strategic purpose.  ubiLink LLC has experience with this method and can augment your available resource to overcome this challenge.   All the work will be done with your marketing and sales staff.  For every day spent by ubiLink, you can budget 2X the number of internal days distributed amongst strongest contributors.