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Solution:  New Product Initiatives

Without new products, any enterprise is doomed to a slow unhappy decline in sales, profits, and morale.  Fortunately in our society there is no shortage of ideas.  Many receive funding.  Few succeed in the market.  The reasons could range across…

-          insufficient funds

-          incomplete value chain

-          insufficient customer value proposition

-          lack of focused customer segment selection

-          competition

-          technical difficulty

-          silent marketing

-          organizational roadblocks

Research shows that the author and other advocates of new product initiatives frequently overlook one or more key ingredients of a new venture. 


Engage ubiLink in a review/assessment of your new product plans.  In the process, we will jointly follow – in workshop fashion -- a checklist across finance, manufacturing, development, sales, marketing, and partner variables.  You will undoubtedly be challenged to answer questions you had never considered requiring you to research new corners of your new product initiative.  The result will be a more solid plan with greatly improved chance for success in the market.


ubiLink has direct experience in a variety of computer hardware and software new product initiatives – both in hands on and in consultative roles.  We have experienced the shock of insufficient funds and incomplete value chains.  We have managed our way through technical difficulties.  We have worked with teams to turn up the volume on silent marketing.  We have identified and worked around organizational roadblocks.


A typical engagement begins with a day long face-to-face meeting that feels like a questionnaire.  Some questions can be answered immediately.  The answer to other questions is in documents in your archives.  Still other questions require research – done by either you or us.  Shortly after the initial meeting and subsequent information sharing, ubiLink will propose the venue of follow on meetings.  Depending on the situation, the next meeting might look at customer segments, sales channels, value propositions, or competition [the least likely subjects are finance, outbound marketing, and product development].  We will pick the topic[s] that you have identified – directly or indirectly -- as critical success factors.


You maximize your new product chances for success by focusing additional energy on critical success factors – energy you would probably have put into reinforcing your strong points even more. 


In many new product teams there are a number of individuals that could easily lead an effort such as this.  Typically they are all busy on some other activity very critical to the central strategic purpose.  Given their circumstance, they lack the time to dedicate to this effort.  ubiLink LLC has experience with this method and can augment your available resource to enable you to achieve your goals.  ubiLink can undertake all or part of the structured review. steps  All work will be done with your team.  For every day spent by ubiLink, you can budget 2X the number of internal days distributed amongst strongest contributors.