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Welcome to ubiLink...
... a consulting company for the technology age specializing in the "building of businesses" whether they be large or small, local or global, startup or mature.

ubiLink specializes in 3 areas of BUILDING BUSINESS for new and existing enterprises:
  - Advising for entrepreneurial startups
  - New initiatives in existing businesses -- intrepreneuring
  - Application of Cyclopraxis principles to all stages of the enterprise

Individual businesses go through lifecycle stages from entrepreneuring or intrepreneuring to eventual maturity and decline.  Each stage of the business attracts different people whose natural working style [praxis] aligns best with the tasks at hand in that stage.  When a worker tries to contribute in a stage outside their natural praxis they will be working sub optimally at the task and/or people dimension.  To gain maximum effectiveness and competitive advantage, businesses need to utilize cyclopraxis principles to make optimum staffing assignment.

Startup businesses are often challenged by business inexperience.  ubiLink offers assistance with:
   - product development,
   - application identification,
   - go to market,
   - operations planning,
   - and general administration.
Just as frequently, the entrepreneurial team's strengths in idea generation and persistence become liabilities in business building.  Through exposure to the principles of cyclopraxis, the entrepreneurial team embraces new practices more attune to accelerating the business.

Our experience includes global product development, new product initiatives, aggressive marketing, and business planning.  Our distinction is emphasis on the techniques to get the most out of people by creating environments and processes so employees have strong desires to do the best possible job.  We are able to undertake specific assignments and/or work in tandem with your team to help them grow. Visit our page on solutions to learn more.