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The CycloPraxis Group


About The CycloPraxis Group

The CycloPraxis Group is dedicated to research and adoption of the concepts of CycloPraxis by the worldwide business community.  We are undertaking several key steps as a part of this endeavor:

 -- Continuing our Primary Research
 -- Continuing our Secondary Research
 -- Correlating CycloPraxis to other work preference models
 -- Consulting with US based businesses
 -- Writing papers published here
 -- Writing articles for the business press
 -- Anticipating the publication of a book

The CycloPraxis Group is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, and composed of lead consultant plus a network of business professionals.  Together we bring over 140 years of experience in large and small organizations, connections to the university world, and a passion for making a contribution to Domestic competitiveness. 

If you would like to explore how you might contribute to our efforts, please contact us.

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