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Publications on CycloPraxis


There are 6 papers available today in the cyclo-praxis series.  Start with the first paper and see if cyclopraxis is a concept you can relate to.  Then choose one of the more advanced papers to further your understanding.  First publication and copyright is September 2002.

Full Papers Mini Papers Press Slide Shows

Read the papers on cyclopraxis....

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Paper 1-1:  CycloPraxis in the Business World ... .pdf format 99kb

Paper 1-2:  Authors ... .pdf format 105kb

Paper 1-3:  Builders ... .pdf format 157kb

Paper 1-4:  Capitalizers ... .pdf format 245kb

Paper 1-8: Author, Builder, Capitalizer, and Extender CycloPraxis Work Preferences ...  .pdf format 88Kb

Paper 1-9: The ActiPraxis Classification of Work  ...  .pdf format 195Kb

Paper 2-1:  Round Pegs in Round Holes...Matching Worker's CycloPraxis to the Job ...  .pdf format 97Kb

Paper 2-3: Applying Worker CycloPraxis to the Paradox of Why Large Firms Fail to Innovate ...  .pdf format 103Kb

Paper 3-5: Prior Research related to Company Lifecycles and its Application to the Study of CycloPraxis ...  .pdf format 82Kb 

Master Bibliography  ... pdf format 25Kb

More papers will be published soon. 

Mini Papers: A few mini-papers are also available.  These are used for covering shorter topics.  Ultimately, these will be become part of a larger paper.

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Praxis and Nurses 
...  .pdf format 16Kb 
Praxis and Realtors  ...  .pdf format 13Kb 
Contrasting Christensen's Inventors Solution and CycloPraxis 
 .pdf format 13Kb 
Contrasting Moore's Living on the Fault Line and CycloPraxis  ...  .pdf format 24Kb 

CycloPraxis in the Press.... Today, CycloPraxis is helping companies.  Read about our success in these published articles.

Darwin Magazine, May 2005:  Different Strokes for Different Folks --
No longer in print
PC Welt, June 2005 Different Strokes for Different Folks

Slide Shows: Power Point Presentations are large files.  When customized for a particular company situation they obviously cannot be made available here.  The following general purpose presentations are available for download.

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CycloPraxis for Consultants
 ...  .ppt format 1913Kb 
Interviewing for CycloPraxis  ...  .ppt format 1006Kb 
CycloPraxis for Startups  ...  .ppt format 1161Kb