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The CycloPraxis Group


Solutions to Your Business Challenges

A goal of The CycloPraxis Group is the application of cyclopraxis to important business problems.  We offer custom and semi-custom engagements for businesses in any of our application specialties.  Our focus is helping large firms with growth and diversification through better management of people resources. 

Recognizing that growth through diversification involves more than management of people resources, The CycloPraxis Group principles are also practitioners of the principles found in the popular business owrks such as the "Crossing the Chasm" and "The Innovator's Dilemma" series'.

A typical engagement follows a traditional methodology and includes a blend of recommendations from cyclopraxis and popular business works.

-- Scoping with Sponsor
-- Assessment
-- Diagnosis & Recommendation
-- Report to Sponsor
-- Education and buy-in for key players
-- Planning potential structural and staffing changes 
-- Implementation & Change Management
-- Follow-up and evaluation

Please contact us for more a more in depth discussion of your challenges and how cyclopraxis may be the solution.