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Uses of CycloPraxis


Business Applications

Optimizing Worker Praxis to the Job.  Known as the proverbial round peg in a square hole, workers inadvertently placed in the wrong job can see their productivity -- and even their careers -- ruined.  Matching cyclopraxis is as important as matching function, yet is rarely understood.

Growth Stall.  Many large firms reach a point in their development where growth tapers off.  Much has been written about disruptive technologies, organizational design, and portfolio management, yet the problem persists.  Proactive management of workforce cyclopraxis is an unrealized element.

Founder Succession in Startups.  Often a company founder has to relinquish the reigns because they are no longer the appropriate leader in a growing enterprise.  Without a compelling understanding of 'why' the transition is needed, the founder becomes at least demoralized and often defensive.  CycloPraxis explains this situation and prescribes acceptance mechanisms.

Effective Startups without Authors and Builders.  Franchising and business acquisitions are two methods to enter the business world with minimal authoring and building.  These alternatives are the logical choice for those with capitalizing and extending praxes. CycloPraxis explains much of the ensuing culture clash.

Change Agents in Mature Organizations.  Mature organizations tend to favor the status quo as a less obtrusive environment for the very workers whose happiness will optimize profitability.  However without change, a business's structures, strategies, skills, systems, and even staffing get out of date and change agents become a necessary catalyst.  CycloPraxis can maximize the effectiveness of a change agent while minimizing the angst of the general employee population.

Merger and Acquisition Integration.  By definition mergers and acquisitions blend two diverse cultures.  If the businesses are in different lifecycle stages, the act of combining can totally destroy the culture of the younger organization thereby destroying the anticipated shareholder value of the acquired organization.  CycloPraxis provides an effective framework against which to orchestrate an effective amalgamation of cultures.

Effective Interviewing.  Evaluating 'soft skills' and 'culture fit' are difficult and inexact challenges to any interview and compounded by the lack of any accepted vocabulary.  CycloPraxis provides a revolutionary scale and a consistent vocabulary around which to question and evaluate a candidate's approach to work preferences.  Properly executed, it is extremely difficult for the candidate to deliver the answer they think the interviewer wants to hear.

Venture Funding Effectiveness.  Venture Capitalists are known to favor an 'A' team with a 'B' idea over a 'B' team with an 'A' idea.  But other than a track record, what are the evaluation criteria for determining an 'A' team from a 'B' team?  CycloPraxis provides important insights.

Deciding for Profitability.  The hard driving business builder instinctively favors growth over capitalizing upon a profitable idea to the degree that the window of opportunity for shareholder returns and employee rewards are missed.  Just as the author may need assistance to settle in and commercialize, the builder may need strong guidance to harvest.  CycloPraxis assists the leaders with embracing new work paradigms. 

Consultant Effectiveness.  Consultants who select engagements with clients where there is a praxis mismatch will under-perform to their potential and disappoint the client.  It is just as important to match work style of Consultant :: Client as it is to match employee :: job. 

Personal  Applications

Making the Right Career Choices.  Professionals frequently are faced with alternative opportunities as their careers progress.  Some are obvious poor matches; some would be positive steps; others might be seductive yet detrimental.  Evaluations against skills and function are simple. Traditional evaluation of work style preferences are difficult to conduct and often incorrect in result.  CycloPraxis provides a framework for making a new more precise work style preferences evaluation.