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Sacred Valley
Salcantay to Inca Trail and Machu Picchu
Sight Seeing Tour from Cusco to Puno
Lake Titicaca
Tambopata River Rafting Trip


Travel Agency:
Mayuc &
+51 84 242824

We utilized Mayuc for all our arrangements in Peru.  Alejandro (Chando) Gonzolez, managing director was quite responsive and very helpful as we planned the trip.  His assistant Norma made all the hotel reservations with 100% accuracy.  The Salcantay, Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, Sightseeing, and Lake Titicaca tours exceeded our expectations by wide margin.  Follow the links to the individual excursions for specific examples of exceptional service.  In between the various attractions Mayuc arranged transportation for us with English speaking guides, helped assure our luggage was properly cared for, and produced all the vouchers and tickets just-in-time.  These services were especially appreciated when moving between bus and train transport and various hotels.  Chando's attention to detail and understanding of the needs of visitors to foreign countries is to be complimented.  Mayuc and Chando should also be complimented for their selection of guides, cooks, drivers, and porters on these excursions. 

The Tambopata River Rafting Trip was a radical departure from the absolutely delightful three previous excursions.    This excursion was without doubt the worst guided adventure we have ever taken due to 3 major shortcomings:
   -- The vehicle used to access the put-in point was inadequate
   -- The guide -- Alvero Sabocal -- was disorganized, dirty, suspected of using drugs, lacking social skills, and compromised our safety
   -- The motor boat transport from the take-out point was unsafe and unethical
Follow the link to the Tambopata excursion for specific details.  When this information was shared with Chando, he immediately assisted us in filing complaints with the Peruvian authorities and made changes to Mayuc's staff and subcontractors.

We believe it is the responsibly of a top quality Travel Agency to screen the the guides and other subcontractors with whom the client will entrust their vacation and their safety.  However even the best of personnel screens permits a poor performer to occasionally enter the picture.  Feedback from the clients plus action by the Travel Agency is then important.  We believe Mayuc has taken the proper steps with regard to the Tambopata River Rafting Trip and Alvaro Sabocal.  As a result we would use them without hesitation for our next South American tour.


Paz-Y-Luz, Pisac
Hotel Sumaq, Aguas Calientes
Picoaga Hotel, Cusco
Casa Andina Private Collection, Puno
Wasai Lodge, Puerto Maldonado


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