Salcantay to Inca Trail plus Machu Picchu

Recommendation:  Experienced backpackers with high altitude conditioning with proven ability to ascend & descend 3000 vertical feet plus cover 15 miles per-day. 

Marketing Literature Description:
Day By Day Notes:
Our Overview: 
With over 20 guided adventure trips to our credit, Doug and Margaret rate this trip in the top 20%.  The scenery is awesome.  The wilderness experience was satisfying.  The adventure, physical exercise, and degree of difficulty was as hoped for. The brief encounters with high Andes Peruvian culture was moving.  And the grandeur of Machu Picchu did not disappoint.

Day by day -- even hour by hour -- the Travel Agency Mayuc and Edison Chavez, the guide they assigned surprised us in positive ways.  Examples include:
   hot drinks served every morning in our tent,
   morning hot water for washing,
   afternoon tea with hors d' oeuvre or popcorn,
   porters who dressed each evening in native costume rather than gortex.
   tent pitched and folded for us
   clean bathroom tent
   exquisite meals with attention to presentation
   Mayuc uniforms for all staff members
Edison's personality contributed significantly to the overall experience.  His English was fine which enabled us to engage in detailed conversations.   His knowledge of local geography, biology, and history was extensive.  He was always responsive to our needs and never pushed his agenda.  We never detected a single instance of esteemed-guide versus fumbling-tourist attitude that sometimes poisons a relationship.  Likely his age -- 54 -- meant he had nothing to prove and enabled him to concentrate on adjusting to our style and meeting our needs.

Much to our delight, the level of cleanliness was superb.  Our tent was clean and was kept that way. All staff washed their hands before working near any food -- preparing, cooking, and serving.  If we spilled something, a staff member rushed to clean it up.  Dishes were always well washed.  Drinking water was boiled. 

Screening of personnel and establishing the level of service are two important elements of the local travel agent.  We applaud and recommend Mayuc for their selection of guide, cook, porters, and for setting the standards on cleanliness, menu, etc.  Mayuc was also very responsive in answering questions we had before we embarked on the trek.  Along the Inca trail we were able to observe a number of other groups and saw plenty that did not have the same level of service and cleanliness as provided by Mayuc and Edison Chavez [email:  grupochave (at) hotmail]. 

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Marketing Literature Description:

The actual trek followed this description exactly...

Transportation to the head of the trail.
-For the first portion of the trek, we will have mules and horses, then later we will have porters.
-All the meals during the trek
-Professional bilingual guide, cook, assistant cook
-Double-occupancy tents
-Dining tent, kitchen tent, latrine tent.
-Clients do not carry anything but a day pack.
-First Aid Kit and oxygen bottle

International or local airfare.
-Sleeping bags -Personal equipment
-Overnight at Machu Picchu

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