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Zephyr Lodge Condo in the Rocky Mountains


Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, we try to anticipate some of the questions you may ask. Click below for information on

Address and Contact Information

Cell Phones

Weather and Clothing

Important Phone Numbers

Pointers to Activity Information



People wishing to call you may dial +1-970-726-8400 and ask for your name or guest room when they talk with the operator.

FAX: The fax at the front desk of the Zephyr Mountain Lodge is available for use by guests.  The number is +1-970-726-8485. 

Mailing Address

Zephyr Mountain Lodge
PO Box 3610
Winter Park, CO 80482

Shipping -- UPS

Zephyr Mountain Lodge
401 Nystrom
Winter Park, CO 80482

Shipping -- Fedex

Zephyr Mountain lodge
201 Zephyr Way
Winter Park, CO 80482

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Most cell phones will work at the Zephyr Mountain Lodge and in the surrounding towns of Winter Park and Fraser.  Once away from the main highway [US40], coverage is only available via analog roaming.  Your phone must have analog capability [which disqualifies T-Mobile, Sprint, Cingular, and many ATT handsets].

Cingular / ATT -- Winter Park has GSM towers and Union Cellular provides free roaming.  The coverage is excellent and phones are useable in the condo units.  TDMA coverage is available in town and spotty on the hill.  ATT users with old analog capable phones can roam to remote areas for extra charge.

Sprint  -- Sprint's CDMA service is good at the ski area and town, but spotty elsewhere.   Do not expect coverage inside the zephyr lodge condo building.

Verizon -- The local wireline carrier is Verizon.  Consequently, they are is a preferred provider in Winter Park.  Coverage is good even in many remote areas of the Fraser Valley with both digital and analog.  A new tower was installed in 2005 across US40 and there is now excellent coverage in the condo building.

Nextel -- Nextel has a tower at the top of the ski mountain that provides good coverage .

Voicestream / T-Mobile -- There is a T-Mobile GSM tower in Winter Park.  Coverage is good at the ski area and town, but spotty elsewhere.  Do not expect reliable coverage inside the zephyr lodge condo building. T-Mobile has the best coverage across Berthoud Pass.

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Average Precipitation --  Rainfall [in blue] and Snowfall [in Violet].   Note:  these are averages.   The spread between best and worst snow years is more than 2:1.
Data Sources:  Winter Park Resort Website average 30 year statistics, and Colorado State University Climate website

Average Temperature -- Data Sources:  Winter Park Resort Website
Note:  these are averages.  Each January, there will be a week when the temperature never climbs above zero.  And each March/April there will be wonderful 60 degree skiing days.

A few words of caution.  Mountain weather is extremely variable and difficult to predict.  Storms develop quickly -- especially in the summer -- and the dangers of lightning and cold exposure should we well understood.  Winds above tree line can exceed 40 mph causing wind-chill factors below -60 degrees F.  Please use caution.

Elsewhere in Colorado's Mountains weather can be very different from these statistics at recorded for Winter Park Resort.  As a general rule of thumb, you can count on a  3 degree temperature decrease for each per 1000 ft of elevation gain.  So a enjoyable 70 degree summer degree in town, might be a chilly 55 degrees with 20 mph winds on a mountain top.  And that same day may be a delightful 80 degrees along a river canyon.

In July and August lightning storms often build by mid-day.  So plan outings early in order to be away from exposed ridges and tundra before danger may develop. 

The variability of Colorado's weather -- both hour to hour and in temperature/wind extremes -- makes dressing a challenge.  We recommend a layered approach and always -- Summer or Winter -- have a hat/gloves and  waterproof/snowproof/windproof gear with us. 

Winter temperatures are predictable a day or more in advance.  We just need to know whether to dress for -10 degrees or +50 degrees.  It's just a matter of adding the right layers.  In coldest temperatures, we put an outer set of mittens over thin inner gloves and always use a face mask.

Summer weather often changes hour to hour.  Our light hats and our waterproof/windproof shells have prevented misery on many an outing.

Click here for our additional recommendations on Winter Clothing.  Or visit the Winter Park website which has additional clothing and safety tips.

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ROAD CONDITIONS -- Colorado State Patrol Roads Number.  Be prepared to enter highway number. 1-303-639-1111
-- Emergency 911

-- 7 Mile Medical Clinic [at Winter Park Base]
   open when Ski Resort is operating.

-- Timberline Medical Center [in Granby, 18
    miles North on US 40] open 24x7.

-- Winter Park Ski Patrol may be summoned by any
    radio carrying employee, or call x1750 from any
    ski area phone.

SHERIFF  -- Emergency 911
-- Non-Emergency 1-970-725-3343
TAXI -- The Zephyr Lodge makes its shuttle van
   available for short guest trips.

-- Local taxi company Home James 726-5060

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TICKET PRICES -- Winter Park Ski Area Prices.
SKI CONDITIONS -- Winter Park Ski Area Snow Report.
There are a number of operators for each of these activities.  To learn more, we direct you to our activities information -- Year Round, Summer, Fall, or Winter --  elsewhere in this website.

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