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Winter Clothing

Packing for a ski vacation can be a real challenge because the Winter weather in the Colorado mountains can vary over an 80 degree range.  Even local's are forced to keep a variety of clothing choices close at hand.   We recommend the following.....

- Warm Ski Socks [but no so think that they hamper circulation.

- Long underwear bottoms with high tech wicking fabric

- shell pants with waterproof breathable lining and full side zippers

- Fleece sweat pants for really cold days

- Long underwear tops with high tech wicking fabric

- Pullover fleece or Wool Sweater.

- Lined Parka with hood

- Unlined jacket with waterproof breathable fabric

- Gloves specially designed for skiing.  We recommend a loose fit

- Mittens [much better in cold weather]

- Wool Hat [or helmet if desired]

- Ball Cap Hat [or helmet if desired]

- Face Mask

- Fleece Gaiter

- Goggles with lenses for stormy and sunny days

- UV filtering sunglasses

- Multipurpose tool for quick adjustments

- Sunscreen for face and lips

- Instant heat packs


Avoid wearing

 Cotton Sweaters


 tight gloves

 cotton socks or 2 pr of socks


Multiple layers make it easy to adjust to changes in temperature and wind.  The innermost layer should wick away moisture.  The middle layers should insulate, and the outermost layer should keep out water and wind while at the same time offering breath-ability.


Powder snow can be loads of fun.  It might also mean you are wet at the end of the day.  Recognize early when you are getting wet and change clothes.


We also recommend placing your ski boots on a dryer [don't use a hair dryer] each night to remove moisture.  Wet boots almost guarantee cold feet. 


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