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Young Children Ski Tips

Young children love to play in the snow and they love to ski.  Getting the right start is important.  Other than being able to walk, there is no rule for when to start a child skiing.  Much more important is to provide quality fun instruction.  Understanding how to best help your child learn to ski is important.  For children, skiing is not about right or wrong.  It is about learning to play and playing to learn. 


Most 3 and 4 year olds lack coordination to ski effectively.  Nevertheless, they can get around the mountain quite happily if they have satisfactory emotional maturity and natural athleticism. 


Ages 5 and 6 rely on group dynamics and peer bonding to feel successful in learning.  Play stimulates their curiosity.  Fun activities are crucial for them to understand the basic skills required in skiing.   Winter Park specializes in this age group.


Children age 9 and over require exceptional patience.  Instructors focus on self -esteem and motivation.  Positive feedback is very important.  Remember this is you will be teaching your own children to ski.


At any age group, be patient with your child's progress.  While many adults are very competitive in work and play, those competitive instincts should not come into play during your youngster's ski lessons.  You child's first achievement may be as simple as getting their skis on and off.


Before coming to Winter Park, give your youngsters visual ideas of what skiing is all about by looking at pictures, books, and videos.  This will help them to understand what they will be doing on the snow.   If you can, let them walk around in ski-boots.


If you place your children in Ski School, say goodbye and leave promptly.  Children need to become familiar with their surroundings, the idea of ski school, and meeting other children.  Don't worry.  Winter Park Ski School gets very high marks from child-care expert.


Click here for Winter Park Ski School


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