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The Hot Springs at Hot Sulphur Springs and Idaho Springs

This information is compiled to assist guests who rent our Condo at the Zephyr Mountain Lodge.  If you've arrived at this page as a result of a web search on Hot Springs, we hope you benefit from the information.  And if you need lodging, thank you for considering us.

HOT SULPHUR SPRINGS -- Featured Alternative
970-725-3306 [long dx]  1-800-510-6235 [toll free] www.hotsulphursprings.com

If you're looking to give those sore muscles a break from skiing or are just looking for a different activity for an evening, try the hot springs at Hot Sulphur.

Nestled in the heart of Grand County, Hot Sulphur Springs provides soothing and relaxing fun -- away from all the hustle and bustle of tourist towns.  The entire resort was been extensively renovated in the late 90's -- the 1990's that is.   When the town of Hot Sulphur the town was first settled in 1874, its key attraction was already 10 years old and was the offering of hot mineral baths to travelers who arrived on foot, by horseback, or stagecoach.  Originally there was a single spring.  This was enlarged to 7 separate pools or baths.  Today there are 22 baths all newly improved.

Over 200,000 gallons of fresh hot spring mineral water flow through the pools and baths each day.  There is a swimming pool with 78 to 82 degree water [no lifeguard] open to guests of all ages.  There are three warm pools for children under 16 when accompanied by adult. There are 3 pools that can be privately rented.  All other pools are public and adult only in order to preserve the quiet.   The rest of the warm pools are 98 to 112 degrees.  

Guests may wander the 80 acre grounds, have a picnic, or fish/raft the adjoining Colorado River.

From the Zephyr Mountain Lodge, take US 40 North to the town of Grandby and then West to the town of Hot Sulphur Springs.  Total of about 30 miles.  Allow 40 minutes for this wonderful trip.


Indian Hot Springs
 303-989-6666 [long dx]    www.indianspringsresort.com
This is a developed hot springs in the town of Idaho Springs.  You can choose from swimming pool, private outdoor hot tubs, indoor hot tubs, and male and female swim caves.

From the Zephyr Mountain Lodge, take US40 South and then I25 south toward Denver.  Leave I25 at exit 241 and drive a quarter mile south.  Total distance is about 35 miles.  Allow 50 minutes for this trip -- much more if the mountain weather is stormy.

Radium Hot Springs
Radium Hot Springs is an undeveloped hot springs along the Colorado River a little over an hours drive from the Zephyr Lodge.  Getting there requires a 80 minute drive and a 20 minute familiarity with route finding in the Colorado back country.

From the Zephyr Mountain Lodge, take US40 to Kremling.  Head south from Kremling toward Dillon on Colorado 9.  One mile out of Kremling, turn right on Grand Rd 1 (west). Go 15 miles to the intersection of 1 & 111.  Turn right or NW towards Radium.  OC Mudrage campground is 1.5 miles away from there.  To the right or east there is a Bluff next to the river.  Take the steep trail up to the top and either follow the river upstream or a jeep road in the same direction.  It's about 15 - 20 minutes walk away from the bluff. The spring is down an easy scramble down a 50 foot ridge on the rivers edge.  Do not attempt this drive & hike  at night

Strawberry Hot Springs
970-879-0342 [long dx]     www.strawberryhotsprings.com
These are the natural hot springs located 4 miles north of the town of Steamboat.  Plan on a 2 hour drive from Winter Park.   The site features soaking in a very natural surrounding [less construction than Hot Sulphur Hot Springs or Indian Hot Springs].   There are pools of varying temperature.  The experience is quiet during the day and the crowds arrive after skiing.  After dark the crowd can become rowdy and he attire is clothing optional.

From the Zephyr Lodge, take US40 to Steamboat Springs.  Then follow directions provided on the website.  The last 3 miles of the road are gravel and very windy.  Chains or 4WD are required when the road is snowpacked.
Steamboat Hot Springs
970-879-1828 [long dx]   www.sshra.org
The town of Steamboat Springs has very famous well developed hot springs right in the center of town.  The complex includes 3 outdoor hot spring mineral pools and a 350 foot waterslide.  A trip to Steamboat's Hot Springs can wear out even the most energetic kid.

From the Zephyr Lodge, take US40 to Steamboat Springs.  Plan on a 1.5 to 2 hour drive to the town of Steamboat Springs depending on the weather.   The springs are on the right side as you enter the main part of town. 

Glenwood Hot Springs
970-945-6571 [long dx]  1-800-537-SWIM    www.hotspringspool.com
The town of Glenwood Springs is home to Colorado's most famous hot springs.    These pools are huge -- the main one is 400 ft by 100 ft -- and facilities include two water slides -- the Green Amazon and the Blue Comet.  The water temperature of the main pool is a constant 90 degrees.  A second therapy pool is 100 feet long and contains 104 degree water.

From the Zephyr Lodge, take US40 back over Berthoud Pass and then head west on I-70 to exit #116 [116 miles].   After exiting, take an immediate right on North River Street.  You cannot miss the complex, pool, and lodge.  Plan on a 3 hour drive [more if the weather is poor].

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