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Self Driving Tours

This information is compiled to assist guests who rent our Condo at the Zephyr Mountain Lodge.  If you've arrived at this page as a result of a web search on Colorado, we hope you benefit from the information.  And if you need lodging, thank you for considering us.


This is a 2 hour loop that takes you through some impressive canyons and sprawling ranches with vistas of several mountain ranges.  Over half the journey is on good dirt roads.

From the Zephyr Mountain Lodge, go north on Hwy 40.  Just 0.9 mile past the Safeway intersection in Fraser [6.4 mile from the Ski Resort traffic light] turn west [left] on County Road [CR] 5.  Reset your odometer here.  All subsequent readings will be from this intersection.

 Take the first left onto CR 50 -- just .2 miles.  Continue on CR50 for another 1.9 miles to a junction and turn right [odometer reading 2.1].  You are still on CR50 -- also called Forest Service Road [FSR] 139. At about 5 miles you come to beautiful aspen forests.  At about 7 miles you are driving along wonderful subalpine meadows.  Finally, at odometer reading 10.3 you come to a "Y".  Bear right onto CR50/FSR133.   Stay on the main road [bear right at 11.6 miles].  At 21.3 miles you will leave the national forest.  At 24.3 miles you will be back on US 40 [at mile post 199.3].  Turn right to take you to the town of Hot Sulphur Springs -- passing through impressive Beyers Canyon.  Consider visiting the Hot Springs just two blocks away. 

Just before leaving town, turn right on CR55.  Continue on CR55 until you reach Hwy 40 again.  Turn right on Hwy 40 for the dozen miles back to the Zephyr Mountain Lodge.



This is a 2  hour minimum out and back drive that follows one of the highest and most tortuous railroad routes ever conceived.  Enjoy views of railroad trestles, pristine tundra, alpine lakes, mountain streams, wildflowers, and occasional wild life.   You can easily stay above tree line for several hours, turning this drive into a a full day experience.  Near the top, you can hike to Deadman, Pumphouse, and Corona Lakes.   Just be mindful of afternoon thunderstorms -- you are safe in your car, but not on foot.  It is wise to start this trip early in the morning when the weather is clear.  It's only 12 miles to the top, but will take you nearly an hour allowing for a quick stop or two.

From the Zephyr Mountain Lodge, drive to US 40 and head north toward the town of Winter Park.  After 1.4 mile and at the bottom of a gradual hill, keep a sharp lookout for a Forest Service road to the right at mile post 222.  [There are only 3 roads to the right, the other two go to a subdivision called Lakota and to a campground.  If you get to the campground, you have gone too far.  The road is narrow, bumpy, and at times unnerving.  But it's perfectly safe for cars.   Please drive carefully as you will see a lot of bicyclists.








This three hour drive to State Bridge, Colorado leads you past majestic mountain ranges, through rock walled canyons and along the upper reaches of the Colorado River.

From the Zephyr Mountain Lodge, go north on Hwy 40 and continue all the way to Kremmling.  In Kremmling, turn left on CO Hwy 9.  After 2.3 miles turn right on County Road 1 [the Trough Road].  Follow the Trough Road 26.5 miles to State Bridge.  Return the same way, or for an extra 2 hours of variety return through Vail [south on CO 131] or Steamboat Springs [north on CO 131].

If you return via Steamboat, consider a dip in the Steamboat Hot Springs or wildflower viewing along the eastern edge of Rabbit Ears Pass.  [Rabbit Ears Pass is one of the wettest areas of Colorado and therefore explodes with wildflowers in late July and early August].

The 2 hour non-stop drive from Winter Park to Estes Park features the splendid eye-poping scenery and wildlife of Rocky Mountain Park.  You will travel the famous Trail Ridge Road -- highest continuous road in North America.   No doubt you will want to take in the scenery along Trail Ridge which can stretch the 2 hours driving into 4 hours of touring.  There are plenty of things to do in Rocky Mountain Park -- plan on an all day outing.

From the Zephyr Mountain Lodge, go north on Hwy 40 to Granby.  Just past Granby, turn right on Hwy 34.  Continue on US 34 through Rocky Mountain National Park to Estes Park [entry fee is required].  Once in Estes Park, you can return to Winter Park the same way [2 hrs straight driving time] or you can take the Peak-to-Peak highway to Central City, and then I25 and US 40 back to the Zephyr Mountain Lodge [2 1/2 hr driving time].  We prefer making the loop.  Click here for more detailed driving information on Trail Ridge Road.

It is wise to start this trip early in the morning and avoid the crowds and catch the best weather.

Drive Up Mount Evans:  The road to the 14264 foot summit of Mount Evans is the highest paved automobile route in North America.  It is open only in the summer.  The admission is $10 per car.

To reach the Mount Evans Road from Winter Park Zephyr Lodge, drive south on US40 over Berthoud Pass.  Then drive east on I70 to Idaho Springs.  Take exit 240 and head south.

Double your fun...do Mount Evans AND a goldmine tour or a silver mine tour or a scenic railroad ride.  Of if the weather is nice, do Mount Evans AND a rafting trip on the Clear Creek River.  An adult alternative is a soak in the soothing Indian Hot Springs.  And for a delicious lunch or dinner try Beau Jo's Pizza in Idaho Springs.


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Old Barns enroute to Church Park.
Continental Divide Vistas

Church Park

Old Wagon

Moffat Road Railroad Grade

Railroad ties still visible

Railroad trestle [closed to vehicles]

View of Winter Park Resort

Corona Pass

Trestle on Corona Pass [closed to vehicles]

Sliding on a high altitude snowfield
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