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Mountain Biking

This information is compiled to assist guests who rent our Condo at the Zephyr Mountain Lodge.  If you've arrived at this page as a result of a web search on Colorado Biking, we hope you benefit from the information.  And if you need lodging, thank you for considering us.

If you are new to the sport and wish an introduction of Mountain Biking in Winter Park near the Zephyr Mountain Lodge... read the rest of this page for these topics:

  Info on renting bikes
  Rules of the road
  WP Area Bike Trails --Ride them All
  Safety tips and information
  Bike Lingo
  Easy trails for getting started

If you are have experience and are ready for some technical and/or demanding single track...click to

  Detailed Map of Winter Park Resort Trails [387Kb image will appear in a new window]
  Detailed Map of Fraser Valley Trails
[702Kb image will appear in a new window]
  Waterproof tear proof mountain bike map
  Other Mountain Biking URL's

From Heart-pumping uphill climbs and exhilarating single-track downhills to leisurely double-track trails through the forest, the Fraser Valley and Winter Park Resort have it all when it comes to mountain biking.

The trail system in Winter Park and the Fraser Valley is one of the best anywhere.  The valley floor is very open and fairly level [especially for Colorado].  And unlike other regions in the state, the mountains gradually rise above the valley.  This allows bikers of all abilities to enjoy the out of doors.

When mountain biking in Winter Park, there is no need for your car.  The trails begin at the ski resort base just outside Zephyr Mountain Lodge.  You have you choice of connecting to the Fraser Valley's vast 600 mile fully mapped bike trail system.  Or choose instead a ride for you and your bike up the Zephyr Chair Lift and start your riding 1600 feet above the Valley floor.  The ski resort has 50 miles of patrolled trails with several points of linkage to the rest of the Fraser Valley system.  Rides are available for all levels -- beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

Need a bike....  No problem, there are rentals at the ski resort just a minutes' walk from your room at Zephyr Mountain Lodge.   There are also plenty of rental shops at the towns of Winter Park and Fraser.

If you've exhausted the riding in Winter Park and the Fraser Valley [all 600 miles !!] just mount your bike on your car and visit:

SNOW MOUNTAIN RANCH:  The trail network at Snow Mountain Ranch/YMCA of the Rockies has 38 designated mountain bike trails on rolling terrain for all levels of riding ability.
SOLVISTA GOLF AND SKI RANCH: Just outside Granby, SolVista is another great place for mountain bikers.  There are over 25 miles of trails that start from the base area.
GRAND LAKE:  has 80 miles of designated trails in Arapahoe National Forest waiting to be explored.  most are accessed from Highway 34.  Get a copy of the national forest's "Grand Lake Mountain Bike Trail Map".
HOT SULPHUR SPRINGS & WEST GRAND COUNTY: These trails are favorites in early spring and late fall when high mountain snows are blocking trails in Winter Park.  There are well over 200 miles of designated trails in the Williams Fork, Troublesome, and Kremmling areas.

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Winter Park Resort
970-726-1564 [local]  800-977-6195 [toll free]  www.winterparkresort.com
Bikes rented at Slopeside Gear and Sport 970-726-1664
Ride 50 miles of Winter Park Resort trails, connect to another 550 miles outside the resort.

Alpine Sun and Ski
970-726-5107 [local]
Alpine Sun and Ski is a locally owned shop  in old town.  It is less than a half mile walking distance from Zephyr Mountain Lodge.  Ride the ski area trails or the Fraser Valley trails.

Beavers Sport Shop
Located on the south edge of Winter Park Town at the first commercial outfit on the right [east].  Just a 5 minute drive from the Zephyr Mountain Lodge.  Ride the Fraser Valley  trails.

Cristy Sports
Located in Cooper Creek Shopping Plaza in Winter Park Town [left side of US 40].  Just a 5 minute drive from the Zephyr Mountain Lodge.  Ride the Fraser Valley trails.

Ski Depot Sports
970-726-8055  [local]  800-525-6484 [toll free]
Look for the red and white tent in downtown Winter Park in the Park Plaza [east side middle of town].   Ski Depot rents a full line of bicycles with rigid frames and front and full suspension.  Helmets and water bottles are provided.  Just a  5 minute drive from the Zephyr Mountain Lodge.  Ride the Fraser Valley trails.

Powder Tools Bike Shop
Down Town Winter Park.  Just a 7 minute drive from the Zephyr Mountain Lodge.  Ride the Fraser Valley trails.

Winter Park Sports Shop
970-726-5554 [local]
Located in Kings Crossing Shopping Center on left side of US 40 three quarters the way through Winter Park town.  Just a 7 minute drive from the Zephyr Mountain Lodge.  Ride the Fraser Valley trails.

Valley Board and Bike
Located in Fraser.  Handy to down valley bike trails.  Just 10 minutes from the Zephyr Mountain Lodge.

SolVista Golf and Ski Ranch
970-887-3384 [local]  888-766-9245 [toll free]
Ride local trails  in the Granby area.  These trails melt and dry sooner in the spring.  They also remain sunny later in the fall.  Approx  25 minutes from Zephyr Mountain Lodge.

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2012 UPDATE:  Bike trails will be undergoing maintenance and may be periodically closed.  Check Headwaters Trails for details.

The following list of bike trails was published in the July 5, 2006 Winter Park Manifest.  These trails are in ADDITION TO the maintained trails at the Ski Resort.

- Backscratch - Flume
- Blue Sky - Fraser to Granby
- Bottle Pass/Bottle Peak - Givalo
- Broken Thumb -- Upper and Lower - Ice Hill
- Broken Thumb -- All Cracked Up - Jim Creek [maintained by Zephyr Lodge]
- Burn Trail - Lower Cherokee
- Caribou - Moffat Road
- Chainsaw - Northwest Passage
- Chickadee - Serenity
- Columbine - South Fork Look
- Continental Divide - Spruce Creek
- Creekside - Sunken Bridges
- Devil's Thumb / High Lonesome - Tipperary
- D4 - Twin Bridges
- Ditch Trail - Water Board Roads
- Doe Creek - WTB
- Elk Meadow - Zoom
Let us know if there are additional trails which should be mentioned.

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- When riding on a vehicle road, bicycles are legally classified as vehicles.  The same rules of the road apply.
- Bicycles must ride with the traffic, not against it.
- Obey all traffic signs including stop signs and stop lights
- Always signal your turns.  Ride single file.

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Whenever you mountain bike in Grand County, it's a good idea to follow some simple rules that will make your ride safe and help you preserve the local area for others to enjoy.....
 - Ride on designated trails only
 - Stay off soft, wet roads and trails
 - Travel around meadows, steep hillsides, stream banks, and lakeshores.
 - Resist the urge to pioneer a new trail or cut across a switchback.
 - Stay out of wilderness areas
 - Corner correctly, don't skid around turns.
 - Never spook horses
 - Carry a spare tube, a pump, and a few basic tools.
 - Bikers must yield to all other trail users.
 - The uphill rider always has the right-of-way

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Bail:  To jump off your bike to avoid crashing.
Bonk:  To run out of energy
Cat 6 Mark:  When your chain ring leaves a grease "tattoo on your leg
County Road:  A dirt road maintained by the county.
Cross-country:  Traditional type of race course or ride that includes a variety of terrain including single track, jeep trails, up and down, and wooded and open space.
Derailleur:  The mechanism in front and rear that pushes the chain onto a different gear
Death Grip:  An all-out intense grip on your handlebars that usually stops the flow ob blood and causes severe tension in the rest of the body.
Double Track:  Trail with two parallel tracks created by vehicles -- frequently called jeep trails.
Endo:  A stellar crash in which the rider flies over the front of the handlebars.
Forest Service Road:  Marked with a small brown sign.  Some have names, all have numbers.
Point to Point:  To start and finish a ride in separate locations.
Road Rash:  The abrasion left on body parts after sliding along the ground.  Happens after a failure to bail.
Single Track:  A single trail, hopefully no wider than a foot.  Similar in appearance to a hiking trail.
Snake bite:  A double puncture of an inner tube caused by the tire compressing harshly up against the rim.
Stoked:  Happiness, excitement, and joy usually felt after an incredible ride or accomplishment.
Technical:  A challenging ride due to obstacles, terrain, and steepness.
Washboard: Numerous annoying bumps in a row that make a shape similar to a washboard.
Water Board Road:  One of many roads in the Winter Park region that are maintained by the Denver Water Board.  Quite often this means easy flat riding.
Whoop de dos:  Consecutive dips that if ridden too fast will launch you into the air.

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...Be sure to take a Map
Jim's Creek, Water Board Road, and Moffat Road -- This tour is a lovely 11.6 mile trip with under 800 feet of elevation gain and loss.  The ride can be shortened to just 3.5 miles or 7.5 miles.  Most of the trip is on good dirt roads where except for one stretch there is little traffic.  There are wonderful views of the continental divide and Winter Park Resort.  Accompanying web pages describe the ride in 6 segments.  Click below, or click from the accompanying map:
 - Riding to the trail head .6 mile
 - Jim's Creek Segment 1.2 mile
 - Choices at Jim's Creek and Water Board Road
 - Water Board Road Segment 4 miles
 - Moffat Road Segment 4 miles
 - Fraser River Segment 1.8 miles

Lower Roof of the Rockies to Fantasy Meadow -- Ride the Zephyr  Express Chair [with your Mountain Bike] to Sunspot.  Follow signs for the Lower Roof of the Rockies trail and head to Fantasy Meadow.  You will be riding at 10000 to 11000 feet above sea level through lodge pole pine forest.  Fantasy Meadow is a wonderful sub-alpine meadow.  The picture to the right was taken on the way to Fantasy Meadow.

Serenity and Tunnel Hill -- The ride out  Serenity  trail and Back by Tunnel Hill mixes single track, jeep trail, and smooth dirt road on a 8.5 mile loop.  You will gain and loose about 700 feet of elevation a few hundred feet at a time.  The loop is just difficult enough to rate a medium grade.  But if you have grown tired of riding the water board roads, then take a spin on this loop for  the next step up. 

Accompanying web pages describe the ride in 6 segments.  Click below, or click from the accompanying map:
- Riding from the Zephyr Lodge to the start of Serenity Trail
- Riding Serenity Trail [rated blue for the single track-- or take the green bypass road]
- Riding up Ice Hill [rated blue for  the climb]
- Riding up Little Vasquez Road [rated blue for the climb]
- Riding down and up Tunnel Hill [rated green]
- Riding down the Long Trail [rated blue for the single track]

Be sure to sample the pictures we have taken along this route by clicking on the map to the right.

Fraser River Trail -- This delightful ride parallels the Fraser River from the Winter Park Resort base 6 miles to the town of Fraser [and then on to Tabernash].  You pass protected wetlands and old growth pine forests.  Part of the ride is through the commercial district of Winter Park Town.
The pictures below are all taken along the Fraser River Trail.

Across Wetlands near Fraser

Old Pines Near Campground

Alongside the Beaver Meadows Ponds Near Winter Park

Near Old Town

Flume Creekside loop -- Drive 5.5 miles from the Winter Park Base Village to the Traffic Light in Fraser.  Park in the Alco Shopping center and then ride up CR 72.  Take the first right onto the Fraser Parkway.  Cross CR 73 and take the Givelo trail to the Creekside and Flume Trails.

Givelo and Northwest Passage -- Drive 5.5 miles from the Winter Park Base Village to the Traffic Light in Fraser.  Park in the Alco Shopping center and then ride up CR 72.  Take the first right onto the Fraser Parkway.  Cross CR 73 and take the Givelo trail to the Northwest Passage trail.  You can return by CR 50.

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Other URL's
Headwaters Trails Alliance is the organization responsible for the planning and maintenance of the Winter Park / Fraser Valley trail system.

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Fun for the whole family

Ride through a Winter Park Stream

Field of flowers near Steamboat

Single Track

Rifle Sight Trestle

Single track through Aspens

Snow can impede progress even in July

singletrack in the forest
bikeNslopesidegear1.jpg (56376 bytes)
Slopeside Gear and Sports

Slopeside Gear and Sports

Bike Rental at Beaver Sport Shop

Ski Depot Sports and Bike Rental

Powder Tools Bike Shop

Winter Park Bike Shop

Valley Board and Bike

Click on Map for Trail Discussion and Photos

Near Fantasy Meadow

click on map for trail discussion and photos
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