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Activities for Kids

This information is compiled to assist guests who rent our Condo at the Zephyr Mountain Lodge.  If you've arrived at this page as a result of a web search on Colorado Kids activity, we hope you benefit from the information.  And if you need lodging, thank you for considering us.
Vacationing with youngsters takes planning.  Some suggestions:    Familiarize kids with your destination.  Involve your teens with the planning.  let your younger children know what to expect.  Fundamental to a good family vacation is involving everyone in most activities and negotiating on others.  
Jeep tours, Horseback riding, River Rafting, Hikes, Mountain Biking, boating, and Touring can be enjoyed by almost all ages.  Other activities like fly fishing and golfing tend to be more adult oriented.

Fortunately there are several locations in the Winter Park area with sufficient activity to interest people of a variety of age groups.  Winter Park Resort is one such area with fine activities for youngsters at the base.  Snow Mountain Ranch/YMCA of the Rockies is another popular spot.  Grand Lake has a wide diversity.

Rocky Mountain Park has several child oriented ranger lead sessions.

Undoubtedly there will be days when activities of interest for the adults -- golf, fishing, more challenging hikes or rides -- are rendered impossible by youngsters.   For these occasions there are several "alternative activity" centers near the Zephyr Mountain Lodge.

Snow Mountain Ranch / YMCA of the Rockies
970-887-2152 [local]
Childcare and day camp programs are available five days a week for children 12 months to 16 years old.  Prices range from $22 to  $30+ per day.  All children participate in age-appropriate activities including hiking, swimming, songs, games, field trips, wall climbing, roller skating, and arts and crafts.  Located near Pole Creek Golf Course about 20 minutes from Zephyr Mountain Lodge.

High Mountain Adventure Day Camp
This day camp is run by the Grand Lake Metro Recreation District and caters to ages 5 to 16 with age-appropriate activities including swimming, golf and hiking.  Drop in rates are available.  Consider this option [call ahead for space] if you are going to spend a day

The Fraser Valley Metro Recreation District
This day camp offers different activities -- specific to age group -- for both local and visiting children.  Monday is teen trip day.  Friday is field trip day.  Call for more information.  Located just 10 minutes from the Zephyr Mountain Lodge.


Skiing and Snowboarding is enjoyed by most everyone from age 5 to 75.   But differing levels of expertise and fitness means that different age groups will often want to go their separate ways.

The ski slopes at Winter Park offer wide diversity -- something for everyone's taste.  Adults can easily separate in the morning and regroup for lunch.

Winter Park Resort offers an outstanding children's program that combines ski instruction with fun and games.  Children 3-5 get introduced to skiing, but do not ride chairlifts.  Children aged 5-10 spend all day -- roughly 9AM to 3PM -- making new friends and learning the sport.   Lunch and nap-time are included.   Parents can take a run or two after 3PM, or can spend all day with kids on the last day of vacation.  Contact the Children's Center at Winter Park,   Call locally 970-726-1551 the day before for reservations, or visit the blue building 2nd floor for details.

From ages 10 to 12/13, parents are encouraged to be certain that their children are supervised on the ski hill.   10 year olds and above can take group or private lessons with their parents.  Or they can opt for lessons with others their same age.     Once a child reaches 12 or 13, they are usually mature enough to navigate around the ski mountain on their own.   Parents need not worry, the Ski Patrol is regularly patrolling the slopes and makes sure everyone is down safely at the end of the day.

Family radio's are a great way to stay in touch around the ski mountain.  They work reliably across all trails in any given ski complex:  Winter Park to Winter Park, Mary Jane to Mary Jane, etc.  They work less reliably Winter Park to Mary Jane.  Your condo at the Zephyr Mountain Lodge also makes an ideal rendezvous place.

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