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Zephyr Lodge Condo in the Rocky Mountains


Zephyr Mountain Lodge and Winter Park is the Perfect Spot for Your Fall Vacation
If you are considering Winter or Summer, click here.


Zephyr Mountain Lodge and Winter Park are the right combination if you want a September or early October vacation in the mountains.  The mountain biking, hiking, and golfing are all excellent.  The weather is usually dry and clear.  And the aspen trees are at their golden best.   Throw in the usual awesome scenery, fresh clean air, trouble free relaxation, and wonderful friendly people and you've described our accommodations.   


Zephyr Mountain Lodge gives you the feeling of being right smack in the middle of the Rocky Mountains.  Just 50 feet to the west, the lodgepole pine covered hillside rises up at a 40 degree angle 2500 feet to treeline and then another 1000 feet to alpine tundra covered peaks.  Just 50 feet to the east, the Fraser River flows peacefully by as it makes it's way to the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon.  A few miles further east are the towering 13000+ foot  mountains of the Continental Divide.  To the north are ski trails turned golden meadows.   To the south -- a half mile away -- are two other ski lodges, then nothing for 7 miles until the top of Berthoud Pass.   The Zephyr Mountain Lodge's setting is undisturbed by McDonalds, Starbucks, Pizza Hut's, WalMart's, Texaco's, etc.   The Zephyr Mountain Lodge's setting is undisturbed by the arcades, the hustle, the signage, and the overbuilding of National Park gateway towns. 


Our fall guests are generally focused on Mountain Biking, Hiking, and Golfing.  They are able to enjoy the opportunities in relaxed settings after the summer's crowds have dissipated.  Read below for how these activities compare to other resort areas such as Steamboat, Vail, and Breckenridge.

Mountain Biking.   If Mountain Biking happens to be your favorite sport, you'll find the trails at the Ski Resort and in the surrounding hills to be among Colorado's finest.  Match your skill level and riding pleasure to the more than 600 miles of trails -- all accessible directly from the Zephyr Mountain Lodge.  The Winter Park region is Colorado's largest mountain biking trail system.  Click here for more information on Mountain Biking.

Hiking.   If you enjoy hiking, Fall is a wonderful season.  Where to go naturally depends on your interests, your fitness and your level of experience.  
 -  Rocky Mountain National Park has 350 miles of trails.
 -  The Continental Divide to the east of the Zephyr Mountain Lodge has over 200 miles of trails.
 -  The entire 600 mile mountain biking trail network is
available for hiking.
 - You can hike well over 100 miles on ski area trails.
These trails take you to...
 - Alpine tundra above tree line
 - Golden forests of aspen
 - Waterfalls
 - Serene mountain lakes
 - Rock spires and cliffs
 - Year round glaciers and snow caches
 - Wildlife habitat
... just about anything you desire.  There is one thing you can be certain -- there is a trail out there just perfect for you.   Click here for more information on local hiking.

If you take a  quick look at detailed maps for Breckenridge you will see perhaps 2-400 hundred total miles of trails within the same driving distance.  Vail and Steamboat have fewer miles still.  The reason for fewer trails is 1-further from Denver, 2-not as much commerce in the 1800's when many trails were built, 3-no National Park. 

Golfing.   If you'd like to play golf in September, you have a number of courses to choose from.   Consider:
 - Grand Lake Golf Course [18 holes 45 min away]
 - Pole creek Golf Course [27 holes, 15 min away]
 - Sol Vista Golf and Ski Ranch [18 holes 30 min away]
 - Grand Elk Ranch and Club [18 holes 30 min away]
All courses offer amazing views; chances to glimpse moose, elk, deer, and foxes; natural hazards such as lakes, wetlands, and native grasses; and always thin-air long-ball extra distance.   Click here for more information on golfing. 

Other resort areas have similar number of courses -- Steamboat-4, Vail-5, Summit County-4 -- albeit with a much larger lodging base.  The Grand County/Winter Park region is exceptional in variety and value. 

Aspen Viewing If you want Colorado's best aspen viewing, you must travel 5 hours from Denver and visit the southwest part of the State.  A few hours closer to 'civilization', I'm afraid that Vail and Steamboat do have more extensive forests than the Winter Park region.  You won't however be disappointed with what you find close to Zephyr Mountain Lodge.   Click here for information on the best Aspen scenic drives

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