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Zephyr Lodge Condo in the Rocky Mountains

Booking Condo 2110  
#1 Check Availability

For Winter Season, check availability by referring to the price matrix.  For Summer Season, please call or email.
#2  Contact the Owners: 

The simplest way is to use our form email which contains all the necessary information to make a reservation.  email reservation form.
Within 24 hours, you will receive confirmation of "by owner" prices and availability.   At that point you decide to accept #2110 or look elsewhere.

You may elect to call instead.  We are in the Mountain Time Zone [GMT -7]
#3  Reservations Process

When you decide to book #2110, you will follow a simple process.  All your information is entered into our reservations computer.  Reminders are automatically prompted. 
1.  Send us a deposit check according to instructions we will give you. [see sample]
2.  Receive a receipt, acknowledgement, and confirmation number. [see sample]
3.  Receive an invoice for the remainder approx 45 days before your rental.  [see sample]
4.  Pay the invoice within 30 days of your rental.
5.  Receive rental agreement, key, map, and important info by mail 21 days ahead of your rental.
Alterations to the process are cheerfully considered.
#4 Start Reservation -- Click Here

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