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Rainy Day Activity Suggestions

This information is compiled to assist guests who rent our Condo at the Cliffs Resort.  If you've arrived at this page as a result of a web search on Kauai Rainy Day Activity, we hope you benefit from the information.  And if you need lodging, thank you for considering us. 

Should you encounter a rainy or cloudy day during your trip, do not despair.  The first thing to check is the local weather on the television.  It may very well be clear or partly cloudy on another [usually the leeward] side of the island.  Just get in your car, grab a tour book and drive to that side of the island. 

If the cloudy/rainy conditions are more widespread, then consider some of the ideas from the list below.  And always be thankful, the rain is what makes Kauai so green.  And the sun will shine soon as waterfalls burst into action -- dozens of them in the hills behind Princeville.

ACTIVITY Cloudy Rainy
Kauai Escape Room -- SPECIAL -- Fun and exciting interactive puzzles designed to challenge your brain as you work with your teammates to escape the room.  Open 7 days a week at 4353 Rice St in Lihue.  808-625-6957. Cloudy Rainy
Visit a Museum -- They are indoors. Cloudy Rainy
Visit Places of Historical Significance Cloudy  
Tour a Time Share -- Why not earn your activity discounts on a rainy day. Cloudy Rainy
Visit Art Galleries -- They are indoors.  Of course you may have to buy something Cloudy Rainy
Go Shopping -- You may have to run between stores. Cloudy Rainy
Take a Driving or Guided Tour -- You can see the sights just fine.  Unfortunately, the photographs will not be as splendid. Cloudy  
Visit the Ocean -- The scenery will be totally different.  You may see huge surf. Cloudy Rainy
Play a Round of Golf -- The vista's will not be as breathtaking.  Maybe your score will be better. Cloudy
Enjoy Miniature Golf -- The scenery in Lihue is not that spectacular anyway. Cloudy
Take a Movie Location Tour -- Your photo's will not be as splendid.  But you get the full tour -- and maybe a smaller group. Cloudy  
Take a ATV tour -- Two thirds the fun is driving the ATV.  Wear old clothes because if it's at all wet, your clothes will have red dirt stains forever. Cloudy  
Go Bowling  -- Nice indoor sport. Cloudy Rainy
Play Tennis -- It is cooler when it is cloudy, and you'll have no excuse but to concentrate on your game. Cloudy  
Watch a Movie in a theater  -- The theaters in Kapaa and Lihue have mid day showings. Cloudy Rainy
Tour the Island's Tropical Gardens -- You can still fully appreciate the tropical flora.  Some plants and flowers may photograph better in cloudy diffused light. Cloudy
Practice Yoga -- Yoga works indoors or outdoors.  Cloudy Rainy
Visit a Day Spa -- Pampering yourself with a Spa Visit is a great way to pass a rainy day. Cloudy Rainy
Sit Back with a Good Book -- You came to Kauai to relax. Cloudy Rainy
Take a Walk -- Yes, even on a rainy day, you can take a walk.  Sure, you will get wet.  But you will be surprisingly warm. Cloudy Rainy

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