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Movie Set Touring in Kauai

 This information is compiled to assist guests who rent our Condo at the Cliffs Resort.  If you've arrived at this page as a result of a web search on Kauai Movies, we hope you benefit from the information.  And if you need lodging, thank you for considering us.

Kauai has helped with the success of 78 movies and countless TV shows.  The beauty and splendor of the garden island attracts filming crews from the world over.   Interestingly, Kauai rarely plays itself.  In Jurassic Park, Kauai doubled for Costa Rica; in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the island masqueraded for the jungles of South America; Outbreak took place in Africa; and South Pacific happened in New Caledonia. 
Hawaii Movie Tour Company  808-822-1192 or 800-628-8434
  Experience Bali Hai, See Jurassic Park, Discover the Jaguar Tiki of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Stand where the SS Minnow beached on Gilligans Island.  During the tour, you see film clips and get expert narration.   Choose from three great tours to movie sets.   The tour company will pick guests up right at the Cliffs Resort at approximately 7:50 AM.  Check with the Cliffs Resort activity desk for exact times and availability.
Land Tour:  Luxurious mini-bus tour of famous movie locations, sing songs, hidden beaches, lunch.
4X4 off Road Tour:  See hidden, almost impossible palces to get to and a spectacular private movie rance!  Visit the Jurassic Gate site, Raiders Swinging Rope, and more.  Lunch included.
Ultimate Tour:  Combine a bus tour with a helicopter tour.

Partial List of Movies filmed in part on Kauai

2011 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
2011 Just Go With It
2011 The Descendents
2011 Soul Surfer
2010 Avatar
2009 Dinocroc Vs. Supergator (for SyFy Channel)
2008 High School Reunion Season 5
2008 Perfect Getaway
2008 Tropic Thunder
2007 -- Heart of a Soul Surfer
2005 -- Band of Pirates
2005 -- Komodo vs Cobra
2004 -- 50 First Dates
2003-- Tears of the Sun
2002-- The Time Machine
2002-- Lilo & Stitch
2002-- Dragonfly
2002-- Finding Brandon
2002-- Jurassic Park 3
2001-- Manhunt (television)
2000-- To End All Wars
1999-- Baywatch-Hawaii
1999-- Legacy II (IMAX)
1998-- Dinosaur
1998-- Fantasy Island
1998-- Mighty Joe Young
1998-- Six Days, Seven Nights
1997-- George of The Jungle

1997-- The Lost World-Jurassic Park 2 -- Universal Studios
1995-- Outbreak -- Warner Bros
1994-- North -- Castle Rock Pictures
1993-- Jurassic Park -- Universal Studios
1992-- Honeymoon In Vegas -- Castle Rock Pictures
1991-- Hook -- Amblin Entertainment
1990-- Flight of the Intruder -- Paramount Pictures
1990-- Lord of the Flies -- Castle Rock Pictures
1987-- Lady in White -- Frank LaLoggia
1987-- Throw Momma From the Train -- Orion Pictures
1986-- I Islands of the Alive -- Larry Cohen Productions
1983-- The Thorn Birds -- Warner Bros.
1983-- Uncommon Valor -- Paramount Pictures
1981-- Behold Hawaii-- Macgillivary-Freeman
1981-- Body Heat -- Warner Bros.
1981-- Raiders of the Lost Ark -- Lucas-Spielberg Productions
1979-- Seven (TV)
1979-- Last Flight of Noah's Ark -- Disney Studios
1978-- Deathmoon-- CBS Productions
1978-- Acapulco Gold-- Marvista Productions
1977-- Fantasy Island -- Universal Studios
1977-- Islands in the Stream -- Paramount Pictures
1977-- King Kong -- Paramount Pictures
1977-- Waterworld (TV)
1974-- Man With The Golden Gun -- Eon Productions
1974-- Castaway Cowboy -- Disney Studios
1970-- The Hawaiians -- Mirisch Productions
1969-- Lost Flight-- Universal Studios
1968-- Yoake No Futare(Japanese)-- Shochiku Company
1968-- Lovers at Dawn-- Mirisch Productions
1966-- Hawaii -- United Artists
1965-- Lt. Robinson Crusoe, U.S.N .-- Disney Studios
1965-- Operation Attack-- Selmur Productions
1965-- None But the Brave -- Warner Bros.
1965-- Paradise Hawaiian Style-- Paramount Pictures
1963-- Gilligan's Island (TV pilot) -- United Artists
1963-- Donovan's Reef -- Paramount Productions
1962-- Girls! Girls! Girls!-- Hal Wallis Productions
1962-- Diamond Head-- Columbia Pictures
1961-- Blue Hawaii -- Hal Wallis Productions
1961-- Seven Women From Hell-- 20th Century Fox
1960-- Wackiest Ship in the Army -- Columbia Pictures
1958-- South Pacific -- Samuel Goldwyn Company
1957-- Forbidden Island-- Columbia Pictures
1957-- Jungle Heat-- Bel-Air Productions
1957-- Voodoo Island-- Bel-Air Productions
1956-- Beach Head-- Aubrey Schenck Productions
1956-- Between Heaven and Hell-- 20th Century Fox
1956-- She Gods of Shark Reef -- American International Pictures
1956-- Thunder Over Hawaii-- Sunset Productions
1953-- Miss Sadie Thompson -- Columbia Pictures
1951-- Bird of Paradise-- 20th Century Fox
1950-- Pagan Love Song-- MGM Productions
1933-- White Heat-- Seven Seas Productions



www.filmkauai.com  This website gives a short background of a number of the movies that were filmed on Kauai.

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