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Kauai Information Links

This page is always under construction.   We are always looking for new links that we can share with our guests.  If you come across a good link, .   Just copy the link and paste it in the body of the email.

A number of organizations offer links to a variety of providers of things to see and do in Kauai.  Your search engine work has no doubt included many such pages in the middle of your work to find lodging.  At first, this additional information is just a distraction.  Later on, it's helpful to plan  what to see and do.  To help you make the best choices, we've assembled the following two dozen links from the hundreds that are out there.  We think these are some of the best.  Bear in mind that these pages just publish comprehensive lists [with more links] for things to do across Kauai.  You will have to follow their links to the actual providers of the activity.  All links will open in a separate browser window so our original page will remain open.  Don't forget to come back.  Have fun.

Multi Purpose Online Information
Frommer's: Kauai Frommers book on line.  53 resturants, all the major activities, great descriptions of hikes. Never an exhaustive list because not all providers choose to advertise with Frommers.
Kauai Hawaii One of the Best...100's of links.  Take your pick from 32 Wedding Coordinators or 1 Art Museum.  Interested in a water activity?  There are links to almost 40 providers.
Try Kauai One of the Best...  Over 20 activity categories like Helicopters, Boats, Rafts, Fishing, Luaus, Sailing, and Scuba.  Over 30 categories from grocery stores to fine dining.
  101 Things to Do On line version of the very popular free booklet.  Browse now and pick up your hardcopy at the Airport.
  Kauai Discount Few links each for Helicopter, Horseback, Hiking, ATV, Luau, Fishing, Sailing, Sunset Cruises, Snorkeling-Diving.  Don't see much evidence of discounts.
Kauai Visitors Bureau Official non-profit site.  Basic travel info.  Free planning guide, Learn Hawaiian.  More.
Special Purpose Links
Hawaii Cruises Get information about Hawaii Cruises, Islands, History and Maps. They  only do Hawaii Cruises!
and Hawaii ... Unique opportunity to ask a "local" your Kauai question and receive an answer by email.
Kauai1 Shopping Centers
Kauai Beaches Lots of Photo's
Aloha Kauai Tours Guided adventure tours of all kinds
    2nd Tier overall.
    1 page 20 links.  Drop unless they link to me
  Discovering Hawaii / Kauai 8 see and do things.  Some restaurants.   2nd Tier overall.

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