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Kauai Helicopter Tours

This information is compiled to assist guests who rent our Condo at the Cliffs Resort.  If you've arrived at this page as a result of a web search on Kauai Helicopter Tours, we hope you benefit from the information.  And if you need lodging, thank you for considering us.

In the late 1990's there were over a dozen helicopter companies on Kauai.  Accidents and mergers have reduced that number by half.  Even still  on a nice day they put a lot of traffic in the air and delight almost 2000 guests.   In a typical year, there are 12,000 separate flights.

The Helicopter tours must leave from an airport facility.  Consequently the majority of companies are based out of the same Lihue Airport at which you arrived.   Of special interest to guests staying in the Princeville Area and the Cliffs Resort are tours that leave from the Princeville Airport -- just a short 10 minutes away.

At one time they were the most convenient Helicopter Company because they departed from the Princeville Airport.  Current Heli USA website says they are no longer departing from Princeville.  But every time we visit there is a machine at the Princeville heliport.  Call for details. 

1-866-936-1234 or 1-808-826-6591

Other Kauai Helicopter Companies depart from Lihue Airport [where you arrived]
Jack Harter Helicopters
808-245-3774 or 888-245-2001

Island Helicopters
808-245-8588 or 800-829-5999
Exclusively offer private landing at remote waterfall

Safari Air
808-246-0136 or 800 326 3356

Sunshine Helicopter Tours
808-245-7541 or 888-245-4354
Once known as Will Squyres Helicopters

Blue Hawaii Helicopter
Toll-Free: 800-745-2583
Kauai Local: (808) 245-5800

Mauna Loa Helicopters
Custom & Private Helicopter Tours


Air Kauai
Operations halted in Nov-08 due to Bankruptcy filing
Current Phone Number 808-246-4666

Other Websites
One visitor's enthusiastic story.  Great pictures too.

A price comparison table [price isn't everything.  Great differences exist in visibility and onboard amenities]

Amenities comparison.  You can book from this site too.

Air Adventures Hawaii.  Small private plane alternative to Helicopter touring.  Wings Over Kauai offers the same excursion.

Helicopter Tour to Niihau.  Once you've toured Kauai, try a tour of the pristine "Forbidden Island" of Niihau.  Tour includes beach landing.

General Discussion.  Background info on Helicopter Tours.


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