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Information on  Kauai Outdoor Activities

TIP:  Grab literature from the several large kiosks at baggage claim -- while you are waiting for your luggage -- at the Lihue Airport.  Its one of the nicest set ups we've ever seen.  You can get information on dining, shopping, and all activities.

There is lots to do on Kauai.   Pick up copy of 101 Things to Do in Kauai.  It's over 100 pages.  And according to the Club Bub website....

There's 8 different Helicopter Companies,
22 different ways to see the Napali Coast,
87 Kayak Companies and 11 Rivers to Kayak on,
14 different Land Tours,
and miles and miles of free Beach and other free stuff to do.

There's also 187 Activity booths that will try to "book" you on as many of those as possible   I couldn't find quite that many.  But you get the idea....

You can use an Activity Planning Company [see our list], you can visit another website to see what they have to offer, or you can use our web pages.

We report on over 40 activities available on Kauai.  The primary source of information for our research are the brochures provided at the Lihue Airport [and elsewhere] and the good ole Yellow Pages.  The information has been meticulously typed onto our web pages.  There are also excellent books on Kauai with additional activity information
- Beaches
- Biking
- Boating
- Dining
- Diving
- Driving Tours
- Fishing -- Deep Sea
- Fishing -- Fresh Water
- Golf
- Guided Tours of Kauai
- Helicopter Rides

- Hikes & Hiking to Kalalau
- Horseback Riding
- Kayaking
- Movie Location Tours
- Nightlife
- Romantic Spots
- Snorkeling
- Shopping
- Surfing
- Waterfalls

- ATV and 4WD
- Bird Watching
- Bowling
- Children's Activities
- Day Care
- Hang Gliding
- Historical Sites
- Hunting
- Inner Tubing
- Miniature Golf
- Motorcycle and Sports Car
- Movie Theatres
- Museum
- Plantation Tours
- Rainy Day Activities
- Spa
- Tennis
- Tropical Garden
- Waterskiing
- Windsurfing
- Yoga

- ZipLine Riding

WHAT not TO SEE -- Occasionally someone will ask what activities are likely to be disappointing.  This is a very difficult question to answer because in every sport there are beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of challenge and excitement.  For instance, the Power Boating excursions to Fern Grotto are very 'beginner' and would likely not impress the 'intermediate' -- someone who is more active and adventuresome.  This 'intermediate' level should consider visiting Fern Grotto by self paddled kayak.  For this person, the Grotto itself is likely to be disappointing as it caters to the 1000's of beginners who arrive by power boat.  Nevertheless, the kayaking trip to the Grotto can be very memorable.
TIP Many of the names and places in Hawaii are confusing for first timers and repeat visitors alike.  Click on the "instant map" icon on the left menu-bar to get a  Hawaii map in a separate window that will stay open on your screen until you close it.

TIP:  Also for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, we recommend the website called 101 Things to Do in Kauai.  This is the online version of the very popular booklet by the same title available at the airport super-kiosk.

WEBSITES TO VISIT -- There are quite a number of  websites that will make arrangement s for these [and more] outdoor activities.  The ones listed seemed to be the most comprehensive. They provide you the equivalent of one stop shopping:
www.trykauai.com  Ms Lilikoi -- a Kauai native -- will learn your interests, work with you and make recommendations
www.bestplaceshawaii.com -- has list of top activity operators.

www.kauaifestivals.com -- lists local festivals occurring year round.
www.allkauaihawaiitours.com -- compiles lists of the favorite tours in Kauai
the wedding channel has a fine 18 page list of things to see and do.  The wedding channel is a Frommers company.

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