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Activity Planners on Kauai

 This information is compiled to assist guests who rent our Condo at the Cliffs Resort.  If you've arrived at this page as a result of a web search on Kauai Activity Planners, we hope you benefit from the information.  And if you need lodging, thank you for considering us.

The Cliffs Activity Desk
  -- Princeville Area Activity Planners
  -- Kapaa and Lihue Activity Planners
  -- Activity Planners specializing in before you arrive planning
  -- Leisure and Activity Rentals

Some visitors to Kauai seek the services of a professional when planning their activities.  This is a very understandable approach when the costs of airfare, room, meals, and car are considered.  It is important to get the maximum opportunity to see and experience Kauai.  Your alternative is self planning from our index.

Fortunately there are many professional activity planners located across Kauai.  They all know the different tours, get various feedback from other enthusiasts, and are excellent at matching the guests interest and skill to the tour.

For the most part the activity planners earn their fee as commission from the tour operator.  Frequently they take the coupon discounts that are widely available in the airport literature racks, supermarkets, kiosks, and elsewhere.  A few tour operators offer special discounts for booking direct.   In these few situations you might not be paying lowest rate by working through an activity planner.

Another way to get discounted activities is to agree to a Timeshare presentation.  Frequently a free activity is offered ... or perhaps a nice discount on several.  Ask the personnel at the activity company you work with.

Most activity planners work from a desk or near a kiosk.  When you shop for groceries at the supermarket in Princeville Center, you will see activity planners at work outside the supermarket.   These planners depend largely on walk-by traffic.  Other activity planners work from small stores that also rent sporting items.  Those working from stores are more likely to work by telephone if you are interested in making advance reservations.  Major hotels also have activity planning desks.   And yes, there is a desk at the Cliffs Resort.

The most convenient activity planner is right at the Cliffs Resort.   The desk is staffed from 8 AM until 5 PM.  Stop by for friendly service that can help you plan your week. 

If you want to get started planning activities before you arrive, email  activities@cliffsatprinceville.com or call 808-826-2005 to speak directly with the activities desk.

The Cliffs also sponsors various activities each week.  Here is a sample agenda:

  • Sunday: Island Orientation
    Sunday: Free Scuba Demonstration
    Sunday:  Cliffs Movie Night

  • Monday:  Island Orientation and Welcome Reception

  • Tuesday: Watercolor Class [Fee]
    Tuesday;  golf Scramble
    Tuesday:  Cliffs Movie Night

  • Wednesday:  Hawaiian Bingo
    Wednesday:  Hawaiian Arts and Crafts [Fee]

  • Thursday: Coconut Weaving Class [Fee]
    Thursday:  Lei Making [Fee]

  • Saturday:  Island Orientation

Activity Warehouse 808-826-4100 or 1-800-688-0580
Activity Warehouse now has a presence in Princeville.  Their main store is located in Kapaa directly across from McDonalds in a large traditional building.   Activity Warehouse is a state-licensed travel agency and can book over 200 different activities in Kauai.

Activity Depot  808-826-6676 
Guaranteed to match or beat any published price on any Kauai Activity.   Convenient presence in Princeville.  Other spots in Poipu and Kapaa.  Discounts on Helicopter tours, NaPali boat excursions, luaus, kayak tours, and more.  Rent snorkel gear, golf clubs, kayaks, beach chairs and booby boards.

Activity World
  808-245-3300  or 800-235-7771

Reserve activity and get 2:1 dinner coupons good at selected restaurants.  Whatever your budget, you'll find the activity to make the most of your vacation.

Activity Wholesalers  808-822-9400 
Located in Kapaa at the Aston Kauai Coast Resort.
Also known as Shell Vacations.  Timeshare tour discounted activities are available here.

Cheap Tours 808-246-0009 or 1-888-822-5935
Located in Lihue across from the Cinema.
Luaus, Sea & Ocean Kayaking, Horseback Rides, Boat & Sailing Adventures, Helicopters, and more.  27 years of experience.  Discounted inter-island air coupons.

Club Bub  808-822-3250
If you like Bubba's burgers, then look into a tour next time you visit Bubba's in Kapaa.  The activity desk is located on the dining porch outside.

Pahio Activities  808-822-7500

Paradise USA   808-822-1112
Timeshare tour discounted activities are available here.  Specializing in kayak tours, but able to book anything.

One company specializes in personalized activity planning and encourage you to contact them ahead of time via the web/email.  Consider....

www.trykauai.com  Ms Lilikoi -- a Kauai native -- will learn your interests, work with you and make recommendations
These stores rent lots of fun gear including:
 - Snorkel sets
 - Boogie Boards
 - Beach Chairs
 - Coolers
 - Motor Scooters and Cycles
 - Golf Clubs
 - Kayaks
 - Bicycles
 - Surf Boards
 - much more

Pedal 'n Paddle  808-826-9069  [in Hanalei]
Pedal 'n Paddle specializes in bike rentals and kayak rentals.  They also have a large offering of general activity and leisure rental items.

Dukes Surf Shop and Rentals  808-822-4000 [in Kapaa]

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