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History of Nude use at Secret Beach

Secret Beach has long been Kauai's best bet for nude sunning, swimming, and walking.  In 99/00/01 we used to go there every day.  On nice weekends one could count 50 or more nude visitors.   would The beach is really 5 connected beaches separated by small lava outcroppings.  All total they stretch about 1.5 mile.  The eastern  two beaches [#4 and #3] can be  almost entirely nude,  and one with the small waterfall [#2] is generally clothed but the situation varies with attendance.  The center beach [#1] should never be used nude.  The beach to the west [un-numbered or zero] would fall into the same category as #2.  The whole area is absolutely gorgeous -- huge expanses of white sand, lava rocks, waterfalls, green tropical plants, lagoons.  You can even wash up after your visit.  The swimming is tricky in the Summer and nearly impossible in the Winter -- instead enjoy the lagoons and what little sand remains.

HISTORY:  Beginning in 2002 a gruff asian "rent-a-cop" by the name of Sakae Takenaka started hassling nude visitors.  According to locals a property owner  above the beach  -- Michelle Hughes [also distinguished as the developer who changed Donkey Beach]  --  hired this enforcer.   He drove an old white CJ5 jeep [used to be an old red pickup then an old light blue pickup truck] and parked at the bottom of the footpath.  His normal routine was a twice daily walk up and down the beach.  He was pretty easy to spot because he wore hiking boots as he walks out on the sand.  So if you remained vigilant you had time to cover up.   If you were covered when he reached you he would give you an obnoxious lecture and leave.  If you were not covered, he used to take your picture with a digital camera and order you to dress.  Sometimes he would make a cell phone call.  Police records show numerous calls, but never show the dispatch of an officer.   No-one I've spoken with is aware of  any tickets written -- ever. 

In May 2004, the State of Hawaii passed a law forbidding taking pictures of people in a partial or fully undressed state.  This new law made the enforcer's picture taking behavior illegal.    Then in September 2004, the enforcer seemed to have dropped his time commitment to just a few hours a day and his beach walks became much less frequent.  In December 2004, Secret Beach visitors reported he would just sit in a lawn chair watching whatever part of beach #1 he can see from his stationary vantage point with his binoculars.  Then once again early in 2005, beach visitors reported being hassled and observed him brandishing a security guard badge.  This activity was considered of questionable legality as private enforcement is not generally permitted on public lands.  Locals filed complaints with authorities. 

By late 2005 his security badge behavior ended and there there were  no more  reports of nude bathers being hassled.  Around  this time there were 10-20 nude visitors dominating beach #3 and beach #4.  One day a party of 4 nude sailors arrived by Hobie cat!!  Nude use was clearly outnumbering suited use in beach 3 and 4.   Still however there are more and more clothed visitors walking the beach, so as always proper behavior will go a long way toward tolerance.  The story was the same during our several 2006 visits.  Beginning in 2007 and continuing in 2008 & 9, we noticed that the enforcer no longer walked the beach. 

Visits in 2010, 2011, and 2012 were totally  trouble free.   On the few days the enforcer was seen he was picking up leaves that accumulate by the area where he parked.  This change in his behavior has reduced the inhibition felt by nude users and the beach started again to host more au natural visitors.  During multiple visits 2010, 2011, and 2012 it was not uncommon to see 20 or so beach-goers enjoying the 1/3 mile each expanse of beaches 2, 3, and 4.   At least half those using beaches 3 & 4 shed their swimsuits.  They appeared to be a mix of local and tourist. 

Through 2016, the enforcer has never been seen again.  Many visitors who might have been put off by the Asian enforcer's presence are now returning    Happily, there is no longer a reason to be concerned. 

HISTORICAL PICTURES:  The enforcer would arrive in a white jeep and sit in a lounge chair.  He used to post a  colored "no nudity" sign at the bottom of the trail, which was simply ignored by those wishing all over tans. 

The asian secret beach enforcer with signature white tee shirt and hiking boots Vehicle driven by  secret beach enforcer Reading green signs -- on same tree a Hawaii Gvmt Sign prohibiting many things but not clothing choices Green sign close-up


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