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Kalalau Beach

Kalalau Beach
Kalalau Beach is one of the most dramatic spots in all Hawaii.  The beach itself is beautiful white sand and stretches well over a mile long and during the summer well over 500 feet wide.  The beach sits at the base of towering cliffs that rise 4000 feet in towering spires covered with lush tropical foliage.  In the middle of the beach is a refreshing waterfall that cascades 50 feet down a lava cliff.   There are sea caves and lagoons to temp one's passion for exploring.  The surf if very rough and except for June, July, and August, swimming should not be attempted. 

To the north of the beach is a broad valley once inhabited by native Kauai-ans who cultivated taro to supplement what little seafood they could catch.  This valley is served by two streams and numerous waterfalls.  The surrounding cliffs are home to wild goats which can be heard well into the evening.  The surroundings are also home to hundreds of refugees from society.  You will probably see a good number of them during your visit.

Kalalau is reached by hiking 11+miles from the parking lot at Kee Beach State Park.  The trail is very rugged and slippery with portions subject to erosion and extreme exposure.  One climbs 3000 vertical feet and descends the same in the trek to Kalalau.   As a result, even the best hikers -- capable of a sustained 3 mph on normal trails --  take over 5 hours to reach Kalalau.  Plan to consume 4 quarts of water.  Once there, the hiker can choose from dozens of campsites.  Camping is by permit only.  And rangers DO visit frequently issuing citations for those who have no permit.

An alternative way to reach Kalalau is by Kayak.  As with those who hike, permits are needed both for landing and for camping.  One must paddle about 12 miles [with wind and current behind them]  to reach Kalalau.   When leaving, most kayakers continue the same direction and disembark at Polihale State Park.  A prearranged shuttle returns them to their car some 2 hours around the island.

Visitors to Kalalau are cautioned to expect to encounter many nude swimmers and sun bathers.  Hikes up the interior valley may lead to entire communes of naked residents.

Cliffs behind beach

Kalalau Beach

Kalalau Sunset

Sea Cave

Enjoying the Lagoon
---Chemical Toilets
--- Helipad
--- Fresh Water [must be treated, boiled, or filtered]

Alone on expansive beach
--- Hiking
--- Exploring
--- Sunning
--- Camping
Nude Usage Notes
--- Very Clean White Sand
--- Very large surf, there is no reef
--- 1000 feet to next visitor

Taro Patch
-- 30 min, 10 miles drive from Cliffs Resort--
Turn right out of Princeville and take highway 560
through Hanalei for a total of just over 10 miles.  When the road ends, you have arrived at Ke'e beach.  Park your car, and begin the 11 mile hike.
Some Photo's from the Trail
For more photos and Kalalau discussion, visit our section on hiking.
Exposed Trail

Cooling Off

Crossing A lava field

Hiking through jungle

Just arrived
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