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Tunnels Beach
Also known as Makua Beach.  Adjacent to Ha'ena Beach

Tunnels Beach

View from Tunnels Point

Unusual tree
1 1/2 mile long Tunnels Beach with postcard perfect gold sand and a fine offshore reef is one of Hawaii's most beautiful.   When the sun sinks into the Pacific along the fabled peaks of Bali Ha'i, there's no better-looking beach in all the islands.  Catch the sunset from the beach and watch the golden rays melt into the emerald-green waters.  Tunnels gets quite crowded on nice days -- especially in summer.

Tunnels is excellent for swimming nearly year-round and is safe for snorkeling, because it's protected by an extensive coral reef.  Indeed, the name "Tunnels" comes from a unique tunnel like topology of the reef.   At the west end of Tunnels Beach is Ha'ena County Park which provides beachfront camping for up to a few hundred people.  Most times we've visited,  the campground is nearly full.  Swimming in summer is fine at Ha'ena, but many people walk a 1/2 mile to the right [east] to the better snorkeling and calmer waters of Tunnels Beach.  In the winter, swimming is not advised at Ha'ena.  Head to Tunnels for improved conditions and better reef protection.

From Ha'ena, one can walk 1 1/2 miles east passing the tunnels area and then than various developments.  Finally, the beach and highway 560 reunite.  At this point the shoreline becomes rocky.  Behind Tunnels Beach [for most of this mile and a half] are Million dollar homes.  Fortunately they are well fenced so one doesn't feel as if you're sitting in someone's back yard.

It is also possible to walk 1 1/2 miles west from Tunnels Beach.  Cross Ha'ena State Park and into an area known as Kailio beaches.  You will ultimately end up at Ke'e beach.  It's a great walk.

Walking toward Kailio

On the way to Kailio
-- Good shade trees overhanging the beach
-- Good off shore reef protection
-- At nearby Haena there are restrooms, outdoor showers, barbarque grills, picnic tables, and free parking.
--- Very Clean White Sand [albeit difficult to walk in]
--- More  Parking needed
--- Small to no surf
--- No vehicles on beach
--- 10 feet to next visitor

View from Kailio

View from Kailio
-- Snorkeling -- even if you've never snorkeled before this is the spot to give it a try.  The variety of sea life and the beauty of the coral reef are remarkable.
-- Popular Scuba diving spot
-- Swimming
Nude Usage Notes

Expensive Homes
Directions  -- 25 min 9 1/2 miles--
Head west [right] out of Princeville on Highway 56 toward Hanalei.  At Princeville Center, the Highway changes to 560.  Drive through Hanalei [about mile marker 2 on highway 560] and continue to the 8 mile marker.  0.4 miles further turn right and look for parking [this access is just past the YMCA camp and immediately after the yellow "Narrow Bridge" sign].  If parking is not available here, continue another 0.2 mi for a second access point.  Finally, you can drive to Haena, park by the campground, and walk back [east] to Tunnels Beach.  Do not park along Highway 560.  It is a designated fire lane and you can be ticketed and towed.

Across the bay
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