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Secret Beach
Properly known as Kauapea Beach

Sand and Surf

This is another huge beach, nearly  1 1/2 miles long with fine white sand, black lava rock, stunning cliff backdrops, lush vegetation, and enchanting waterfalls.  The setting is entirely rustic -- except for the  houses you can see on the hilltop -- and can only be reached by a 10 minute 150 foot vertical path.   Swimming on this beach ranges from dangerous to impossible because there is no reef protection.  Furthermore, an accepting adult mind is necessary as the east and west end of Secret Beach tend to be clothing optional.   Nude swimmers and all-over tan seekers will almost certainly be encountered unless one stays at the center of the beach within a few hundred feet of the end of the access path.

In winter, this beach, enormous as it is can disappear almost entirely under huge crashing waves.  Instead of swimming, the visitor must be content to walk along the water, hunt for shells, and forget everything save the feel of wet sand between one's toes.  In summer, there are more visitors [you pick the attire you are comfortable with] and one can swim, body board, snorkel, or even frolic with dolphins.

From the soft golden sand, you can see Kilauea Lighthouse to the east perched high on a cliff that looks out to Moku'ae'ae Island [inhabited only by hundreds of sea birds].  Behind much of the east and west parts of the beach are stunning cliffs of red and black rock.  The cliffs are punctuated in several places by small cascading waterfalls whose water disappears rapidly in the sand.   In places where  the walls behind secret beach are not sheer, a lush tropical forest flourishes.  Ironwood trees, taro plants, and a variety of other exotic plants abound.  The west end of Secret Beach offers some interesting tidal lagoons for little ones to splash in.  Further to the west and across a quarter mile of lava rock,  there is a good sized waterfall that drops about 15 feet into the Pacific.

[Note:  Nudity is illegal in Hawaii.  Not many at Secret Beach seem to be concerned.  Secret beach is sporadically patrolled with authorities simply requesting offenders to dress]

Waterfall at east end

Alone on Secret Beach

Flower in Drip Cave
--- Unimproved parking lot
--- Rinse in fresh water waterfall

Tidal pools on Beach
--- Swimming
--- Sun Tanning
--- Snorkeling at east end
--- Shelling
--- Body Boarding
--- Surfing
Nude Usage Notes
--- Very Clean
--- White Sand
--- Parking for about 40 cars
--- Strong Surf
--- No vehicles on beach
--- 300+ feet to next visitor

Wave riding on a calm day
Directions   -- 10 min. 4 miles plus 10 min walk --
Head east [left] out of Prin
ceville on highway 56.  Take the 2nd instance of Kalihiwai road [after climbing out of the big canyon made by Kalihiwai River] at mile post 24.  Turn north [left] on Kalihiwai road and then take a quick [about .1 mile] right  onto a dirt road.  Follow the dirt road .5 mile to a small parking lot at the end.   Park in the lot or along the dirt road using care to remove all valuables from your car.  The trailhead is at the north west corner of the parking lot.   Follow the trail for about 7 minutes as it descends 180 feet and traverses 1/3 mile  [about 500 steps] to the beach.   Enjoy the varied plant life along the way.

Secret Beach cliffs

Trail down to Secret Beach

Lush foliage along trail

Steep part of trail
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