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Hideaways Beach

Hideaways Beach
Hideaways Beach  is an intimate secluded 300 ft long beach used mostly by Pali Ke Kua Condo guests, but open to anyone.  It is accessed by an improved footpath down 200 vertical feet [about 300 steps].  There is calm water, nice swimming, great snorkeling, and good shade from huge kamani trees.  Hideaways Beach is a great spot for a picnic lunch.  The beach is neither crowded nor big.  I think the most we've seen is 6 groups enjoying the fine golden sand and tropical blue waters. 

Hideaways beach is sometimes known as Pali Ke Kua Beach because this is the closest condo development.  Arrive early to get parking.

A difficult hike to the east would bring you to Kenomene Beach which otherwise only has a private entrance through area condo's.  Further to the east is Queens Bath along the spectacular lava rock landscape.

Hideaways Beach from the trail

Queens Bath far to the east.
--- Clean
--- White Sand
--- Parking hard to find Parking
--- Little no surf
--- No vehicles on beach
--- 10 feet to next visitor

Kenomene Beach to the east
Directions  -- 5 min 1 mile from Cliffs Resort--
Drive right to the Princeville Hotel [turn right on the main Princeville road rather than left which takes you to highway 56].  Park in one of the lots on the right [north] side.  Walk in the easement between two fences [one belonging to the Puu Poa, and one belonging to the Princeville Hotel parking] to the top of the path.  The path takes you directly to the beach.

Park in this small lot

Hike between the condos and the parking lot on a narrow trail

Puu Poa condos are to your right

Narrow trail has handrails for safety.  Lower down the trail is dirt/mud
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