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Kayaking in Kauai

 This information is compiled to assist guests who rent our Condo at the Cliffs Resort.  If you've arrived at this page as a result of a web search on Kauai Kayaking, we hope you benefit from the information.  And if you need lodging, thank you for considering us.

Kauai is the perfect place for kayaking whether you prefer the excitement of an ocean adventure or the calm of inland waterways. 

River kayaking takes place in selected locations in Kauai where rivers and outfitters combine to offer tourists the opportunity.  Due to good equipment and to the character of Kauai rivers, kayaking is a very safe sport.  All tours start near the coast and head upstream.   One cannot get into a situation with rapids or dangerous water when heading upstream in this way.  Perhaps the greatest challenge are headwinds which might arise on a return part of the journey.

Ocean kayaking can be a totally different story altogether.  Seasonal swells on the North, South, and East shores can make kayaking dangerous.  Be sure to check local conditions before setting out.

All outfitters provide life preservers and dry bags with the equipment.  There is an age restriction -- generally 5 years.  There is also a weight restriction -- generally 245 lb per individual or 450 lb per couple.

The North Shore Kayakable rivers are:  The Hanalei River, the Kilauea River from Rock Quarry Beach to Kilauea Falls, and the Kalihiwai River.  The private landowner of the waterfall on the tributary to the Kalihiwai River has recently started charging people with trespassing and they have been fined.   If you want to see the falls, take the Princeville Ranch tour -- they have a license; if you object to this owners practice, then boycott the tour.

Princeville Ranch Hike & Kayak  808-826-7669  or
888 955-7669
Discover Hidden Kauai.  Princeville Ranch Hike & Kayak offers exclusive kayaking and hiking tours on 2500 acres of private lands.  The guides are entertaining and well educated on Hawaii history, flora, and fauna.  Groups are small for everyone's enjoyment.  The kayaking takes place on the Kalihiwai River -- the beautiful area between milepost 24 and 25 on Highway 56.  You can see the waterfalls that are visited from the highway bridge.

Kayak Hanalei  808-826-1881
Located by the pier as the Hanalei River empties into Hanalei Bay.  Two tours available: 
--- The Bay Explorer is a guided tour of the river and ocean.  Snorkel, eat lunch, relax.  All of yoru gear is provided.
--- The Wildlife River Cruise is a complete dnarrated tour of the Hanalei River. 

Kayak Kauai  808-826-9844  or 800-437-3507  -- Webmaster's Pick
The shop is in down town Hanalei.  Convenient car-topping is available for kayakers who wish to visit another river such as the Kilauea River for the Kalihiwai River
The Hanalei River
tour is the main event.
---A three-hour guided tour along the scenic Hanalei River and Bay Reef Lagoon accompanied by charming water-borne natural historians.  Safe family enjoyment with the land, water, fauna and flora genuinely interpreted. 

The Wailua River is a popular Kayaking site.  The river is navigable for about 3 miles before becoming too shallow and too full of rocks [at which point you are still over a mile from beautiful Wailua falls].   A the two mile mark, a tributary to the right takes the kayaker to a place to land the kayak and hike less than 2 miles to wonderful 90 foot Uluwehi waterfall.   On the way back you once could stop at Fern Grotto; you must tie you kayak to a fairly steep river bank and make their way to the Fern Grotto path.

The guided tours are suitable for those with any level of kayaking experience -- including none.  If self guided, some kayaking and Kauai hiking experience is recommended. 

You can rent kayaks Monday through Saturday only; Sunday is reserved for locals!!!

Wailua Kayak & Canoe  808-821-1188
Tours or Self Rental available.  Located right on the river -- no need to transport on your car.  Most convenient.  Often sold out by 10AM, so book ahead or arrive early.  You have to overlook the gruff personalities of the staff.

Kayak Adventures Kauai  808-826-9340
Kayaks are delivered right to the river for this standard guided tour paddling the Wailua river and then hiking to 125 foot high Uluwehi Falls.

Kayak Adventures Kauai  808-821-2800 or 866-955-2925
Kayaks are delivered right to the river for this standard guided tour paddling the Wailua river and then hiking to 120 foot high Uluwehi Falls.  Swim, explore, play, relax, and enjoy this tropical jungle.

Kayak Wailua  808-822-3388
Conveniently located near the river in Wailua.  Reservations required for tours -- from 2 persons to 24 . Kayaks for rent -- without guide -- if you are willing to  put on your vehicle.

Wailua Kayak Adventures  808-822-5795
Kayaks delivered right to the river.  Possibly the Wailua river area's lowest prices.  Tours and self guided.

Paradise Outdoor Adventures  808-822-1112  or 
AM and PM guided tours.   Paradise also offers a Boston Whaler for rent.

Duke's Kayak Adventures  808-639-2834
Enjoy the scenic beauty of tropical jungle rivers.  Experienced guides share knowledge of local history and natural surroundings.  Check in at the Activity Warehouse in Kapaa. 

Water Sport Activities and Rentals 808-822-3574 or
Self guided tours up the Wailua river.  Kayaks are delivered and set up at the rivers edge.

RainbowKayak Tours  808-826-9983 
Located in Halanei.  Guided kayaking and hiking tours on Wailua River to Secret Falls.  Closed on Sunday because the Wailua River is closed.

Activity Warehouse  808-822-4000
Probably the least expensive place to rent Kayaks.  Activity Warehouse is a general activity rental store including kayaks.  You must car-top them and cart to the destination of your choice.

Another popular Kauai River to kayak is the Hule'ia River.  This tour starts from Narwiliwili Harbor and paddles upstream into the heart of a wildlife refuge. You will see jumping fish, rare birds, ancient taro fields, and the legendary Menehune Fishpond.  You will then land on privately owned Kipu Ranch and Hike through a tropical forest that has a towering canopy of exotic trees, fruit trees and a profusion and explosion of tropical flowers.   The return trip can be made the same way, or -- since mid-day winds make paddling difficult -- many outfitters help you downriver using motor boats or shuttle vans.

Aloha Canoes & Kayaks  808-246-6804  or  877-473-5446
This tour group uses motorized equipment to tow back to the beginning.  Aloha Kayaks also has a unique paddle trip in a Hawaiian Double Hull Canoe.

Kayak Kauai  808-826-9844  or 800-437-3507
The shop is in down town Hanalei.  Convenient car-topping is available for kayakers who wish to visit another river such as the Hule'ia River

Outfitters Kauai  808-742-9667 
This group offers a variety of tours; Kayaking is one of the more popular.  This tour includes Kipu Falls.  The return uses a motor canoe to pull kayakers back downstream. 

Kayak Kauai  808-826-9844  or 800-437-3507 
-- Webmaster's Pick
The shop is in down town Hanalei.  Rent a Kayak in Hanalei and paddle down the Hanalei river into Hanalei Bay.  If the surf is low, you can stay behind the reef all the way to Anini Beach and possibly even to the Kalihiwai River.  Be sure to discuss your route with the shop people.

Pedal 'N Paddle  808-826-9069
General activity rental store including a few low end kayaks.  You must car-top them and cart to the destination of your choice.

  PADDLE THE NAPALI COAST WITH AN OUTFITTER** Additional Info on NaPali Coast Kayaking and Landings**
Paddling the NaPali Coast is one of the top must do adventures for very active people on Kauai.  The day begins at 6AM and you wont return to the Cliffs Resort until 8PM.  If you are the least bit prone to sea-sickness or are fearful of being on the water or are not in good shape, then this trip is not for you.  Otherwise, enjoy sea caves, waterfalls, secluded beaches, paddling, sea swells, snorkeling, getting wet, and some of the prettiest scenery anywhere on earth.

Kayak Kauai  808-826-9844  or 800-437-3507  -- Webmaster's Pick
www.kayakkauai.com   or www.seakayakkauai.com
The shop is in down town Hanalei.  Meet there at 6AM.  One guide per 6 paddlers.  One person and two person advanced sea kayaks.    The season lasts from May to September.  Advanced reservations are absolutely required.

Kayak Adventures  808-826-9340
Custom Kayak Adventures, including guided tours of the NaPali between May and September. 

NaPali Kayak Tours  808-826-8968
Kayak the fabulous NaPali Coast with this smaller outfitter.  The shop is in downtown Hanalei on the inland side of the street.

Outfitters Kauai  808-742-9667 
This group offers a variety of tours, including NaPali.


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