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Dining on Kauai's North Shore

 There are over 165 restaurants on Kauai from the super elegant dining at the Princeville Hotel to your everyday McDonalds [actually 3 McD's].



Once on Kauai, you will find brochures at the Lihue airport which list those restaurants who choose to advertise.  Without too much work, you can find all of those along the North Shore.  Or another very effective way is to use the local phone book which has a most complete listing.  Restaurants with phone numbers starting 826, 827 and 828 are along the North Shore from Kilauea to Hanalei.  Phone numbers starting with 821, 822, and 823 are in Kapaa.  All other phone numbers are further away and at least 45 minutes from the Cliffs Resort [including Poipu  with 742 prefix].


Or before you leave for Kauai, you can do some research from the comfort of your own computer.  Listed below are the 6 most comprehensive websites describing Kauai dining opportunities.   


However, to make matters as simple and friendly as possible for you, we've made a table of North Shore dining establishments along with a few notes.  You might find all you need to do is print this page and take it with you.  We've even taken pictures of many of these restaurants.  Click on the pictures for a better view.  In half the cases you will also find a description that Frommers authored and we embellished. 


We also have a section on Luau's because they are a popular event for the first time Hawaii experience.


One Final Note:  We regularly find that the North Shore has more than enough dining variety for a 2 week stay.  And the Cliffs Resort condos have fine kitchens [with great views of the ocean] for a few home cooked meals thrown in.  There's little need to go looking across island for dinner places -- with the possible exception of a trip to Gaylord's at Kilohana near Lihue.

Note:  Island Wide
Note:  Some listings out of date
Web Site [Just click to open in separate window] # Kauai # North
www.kauaimenu.com 43 9 sample menus
http://www.frommers.com 53 10 includes $$$



Restaurant Type Locate Phone $$$$ Meals Live

[Click to Enlarge]

Bali Hai -- Closed for Remodel Pacific P 826-6522 $$$$ B-L-D Y
Bar Acuda Tapas H

Hanalei Dolphin Seafood H 826-6113 $$$ L-D  
Buba's Burgers Burgers H   $ L-D   
CJ's Steak House Steak PC 826-6211 $$$ L-D Y
Hale O Java coffee P 826-7255   B-L    
Hale O Infigio American P 826-0110 $$$ D Y
Hanalei Gourmet American H 826-2524 $$ B-L-D Y
Hanalei Pizza Pizza H   $$    
Hanalei Mixed Plate Local H 826-7888 $$ L-D  
Hanalei Wake up Cafe American H 826-5551   B  
Java Kai Coffee H 826-6717 $ B-L  
[Formerly Zelo's]
Pasta/Fish H 826-9700 $$$ L-D  
Kilauea Bakery & Pizza Breakfast
/ Pizza
K 828-2020 $ B-L-D   kilaueabakery2.jpg (44552 bytes)
Kauai Grill
[Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten signature restaurant]
French P-hotel 826-9644 $$$$ D  
Lighthouse Bistro Gourmet K 828-0480 $$$ L-D Y
Mango Mama's Sandwich K 828-1020 $ L-D    
Nanea Restaurant
  [In the Westin Hotel]
Pacific W-hotel 827-8700 $$$$ L-D    
Makana Terrace Pacific P-hotel 826-9644 $$$$ B-L-D Y
Napali Prime Grill Contemp H 826-6004 $$ B-L  
Neide's Salza Samba Mexican/
H 826-1851 $$ L-D  
Old Hanalei Coffee Company American H 826-6717 $$ L-D  
Tikilniki Bar Food PC 431-4242 $$$ L-D  
Postcards Cafe Intl H 826-1191 $$$$ B-D  
Roy's Tavern
 [Same ownership
  as Roy's in Poipu
American P-golf 826-8700 $$$$ D  
Lei Petite Bakery
P - - - - - -
$$ B-L-D  
Subway Sandwich H 826-4050 $ L-D  
Subway Sandwich K   $ L-D  
Bouchons Sushi & Grill Sushi H   $$$ L-D  
Tahiti Nui Local H 826-6277   B-L-D Y
Village Snack and Bakery Shop American H 826-6841 $$ B-L    

Location Code:  P=Princeville; PC= Princeville Ctr;  H=Hanalei; K=Kilauea
Bold entry indicates Webmasters favorites


Basics...  Expect to pay from $50 to $60 per adult.  Children are less.  Some discounts for Seniors

Enjoy a buffet usually including: Roast Pig, Baked Ahi, Hawaiian Chicken, Salmon,, Rice, Poi,  Sweet Potatoes, Steamed Rice, Garlic Bread, Garden Salad, Potato & Macaroni Salads, and deserts such as Tahitian Rice Pudding, Tropical Fruit, Pineapple upside-down cake, chocolate cake,

Then watch a show with Hawaiian hula, Tahitian dancing, Maori Dancing, and some musical entertainment -- perhaps steel drums.  Frequently there is some audience participation event such as learning to hula.

The best description we've found of the Luau's is at TryKuaia

Kauai Coconut Beach Resort in Kapaa is about 30 minutes from the Cliffs Resort.   During the busy season, this Luau is every evening of the week.  The food has been voted one of the best.

Smith's Tropcial Paradise is in Wailua and about 40 minutes from the Cliffs Resort.  At last reporting, their Luau was on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Fridays.  808-821-6895 or www.smithskauai.com

Tahiti Nui does their Luau right in Hanalei at the Hanalei Colony Resort.  They are only a 15 minute drive from the Cliffs Resort.  They deliver a very authentic show in a very lush tropical setting.  Wednesday is Luau night from 5 to 9 PM.    

Gaylord's at Kilohana has a fine Luau buffet and a Polynesian Review show on Mondays and Thursdays.  Call ahead for reservations.  Kilohana is just the other side of Lihue and 60-75 minutes from the Cliffs Resort depending on traffic.

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