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Information on Kauai

LAYOUT:  Our pages on Kauai are organized into:
Travel Information:
  air travel maps
  car rental books
Activity Planning Services:
Activity Index:
Tours:                  minibus
  driving boats
  helicopters movie
Outdoor Activities: 
  beaches horseback riding
  biking kayaking
  diving snorkeling
  golf surfing
fishing waterfalls
Other Activities:
Kids Activities Rainy Day
More Activities Romantic Spots
Night Life Kalalau Hike
Shopping: necessities, memories
Weather information
Good Kauai Links


We applied 3 ground rules in preparing these pages.

1. Minimize Duplication
There are many websites which list and describe things to see and do on Kauai to repeat their fine research and editorial would be unnecessary duplication.  Instead, we've spent scores of hours visiting several dozen Kauai sites and have provided links to the ones we thought were most informative.   Following our lead can save you hours as you plan your vacation.  You will find our chosen links on the web page of the activity you are seeking or in the general Kauai Links page.

2. Focus on North Shore
Those who stay on the North Shore maximize their enjoyment and minimize the time spent in the car when they focus on activities centered around the Princeville Area.  So while excursions, dining, shopping, etc may be available island wide, we focused our research and subsequent reporting on the North Shore.  Most frequently, our reporting will be within 30 minutes drive of the Cliffs Resort.   If you want information on other parts of the island, you can visit any of the links we've provided.

3. No Marketing or Advertising Commissions
Many of the web sites which describe things to see and do on Kauai are supported by advertising fees paid by the various tour  and activity operators.  At times you might select a second rate experience due to disproportionally aggressive advertising.  While we don't pretend to help you assess one experience over another, we do try to minimize distortion introduced by advertising.

You can navigate these pages in one of 3 ways. 
First you can select your topic of interest right now from the list above.  Selecting "Kauai" on the top menu bar will always bring you back to this page.

Or, you can use the navigation bar at the left side of the page.  Under the Kauai section it will always present the same choices.

Lastly, you can jump to a few quick choices by using the menu bar at the top.  Selecting "Kauai" on the top menu bar will always bring you back to this page.

Any time you select a link to another website, it will open in a separate window.  That way this website can remain your anchor point.

At any time during your research if you feel the need to see a map of Kauai, just make the "instant map" selection on the main menu bar.

Government pages are at www.kauai.gov

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