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Splendid Tropical Scenery at the Cliffs Resort

The Cliffs sit atop a 180 foot volcanic  rock base and overlook the Pacific Ocean.  As one can see from the large aerial photo below there is only a small [approx 200 to 400 foot] grass yard before the cliff begins.   A few of the buildings have dramatic ocean views -- ours included. In season, you have unobstructed whale watching for as long as you enjoy.  And day or night, you can hear the distant sound of the ocean surf.


The top picture to the right taken from the lanai of unit #9302.  Once outside, you have nearly 180 degrees of ocean view -- perfect for sunsets/sunrises.  You may enjoy a total feeling of ocean.  And in season you may enjoy whales, dolphins, geese and other birds.
Experience the complete 180 degree panorama.

The third picture down is taken from the bedroom lanai.  This view is toward Kauai's interior mountains.  On a clear day, Mt Waiale'ale -- the wettest place on earth -- is visible.  More frequently, it's raining on the mountain peaks which which in turn causes dozens of distant waterfalls -- some as long as 1500 ft -- to cascade down the steep slopes.


The next set of pictures are taken around the Grounds of the Cliffs Resort.  The emphasis is on the buildings and the grounds, and not on the pool or amenities which have their separate web pages.  Click on one of the smaller thumbnail images to see the picture in a larger window.

It is possible to walk to the base of the 'Cliff' where a waterfall, sea cave, a tiny beach, and lava rocks await you.

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