NeoFilter Labs LLC is the exclusive licensor for an advanced video signal processing algorithm that offers breakthrough performance and accuracy in correlation filter creation and object tracking.   Patent protection for the algorithm is underway.

Reference implementations of the algorithm, coded in Python, are available.   NeoFilter Labs will consult on ports to target platforms.  Simultaneously, the company is pursuing solution development of selected tracking applications in a high-definition environment where bandwidth and economic constraints permit only the small window of interested.

NeoFilter Labs tracking algorithms yield greater than 20-times efficiency [meaning more frames per second or less stringent processing requirements] than state of art alternatives on equivalent workloads.  A technical discussion of these algorithms is available.  NeoFilter Labs filter creation requires up to 1/100th the computation effort of state of art alternatives while equaling or bettering the detection accuracy in the final application. 

Dr David Bolme discovered the efficiency and accuracy of NeoFilter Labs algorithms in 2009 while working on his PhD in computer science.  Shortly thereafter he was joined by three business partners with high tech startup experience.  Messers Ben Walker and Doug Johnson remain involved today.  Two distinguished computer vision scientists Dr. Ross Beveridge and Dr Bruce Drapier serve as advisors to the company.



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