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OVERVIEW: CycloPraxis


identifies the natural working preferences of employees according to the lifecycle stage of a business. 

Much has been written about evolutionary stages of firms, disruptive technologies, new ventures, and high technology marketing, but it seems that large firms continue to experience difficulty in deploying the necessary new products and opening new markets necessary for tip line growth and employees continue to wind up with assignments for which they are poorly suited.  CycloPraxis explains this behavior and prescribes novel approaches.

The classic match between worker and job is function:  operations, manufacturing, marketing, finance, sales, development, etc.  Certainly it is important to match job function to an individual's preferences.  There is another equally important dimension to the fit between workers and their jobs:  cyclopraxis. 

Benefits of understanding and applying cyclopraxis accrue to business and individuals alike.  Discover a set of optimum working conditions for your next job;  learn to interview candidates work style with new found precision;  re-energize the innovation potential in your company;  transition successfully from startup to successful growth; or maximize employee satisfaction in maturing markets.  See our applications page for additional examples.

Each of opportunities achieves multiple benefits to both the person and the business by matching working conditions to worker preferences according to a simple life-cycle based model.  When employees are contributing at peak performance the business can be realizing 2X or more return from their human assets then when workers are miss-cast.

The CycloPraxis Group is prepared to assess, educate, recommend, and facilitate the alignment of worker cyclopraxis to the business situation.  Consultative engagements can be custom designed to authoring, building, capitalizing, diversifying, and extending lifecycle stages.  Many situations specific to individual businesses can be accommodated. Please contact us for additional discussion.

Apply Simply to many business situations.  The Praxis model is simpler than many other worker preference models.  And aligning worker praxis to business lifecycles assures an easy to remember framework for lasting application.  Simplicity aside, any evaluations of workers and their styles is best carried out at arms length by 3rd party facilitators.  The CycloPraxis Group is ready to assist.

If you're intrigued by the concept but not ready to embrace the implications or changes, consider participating in the research currently being conducted by The CycloPraxis Group.  We are looking for firms -- especially those in need of more effective diversification -- with whom to partner.

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